The Many Ways To Be Of Service

   I enjoy watching other people do things for others and making the lives of others easier. Each and every day there is an example of this if we look for it.  To make a habit of looking for the things that make the lives of others better will steer you further and further away from the negativity and strife. When I am in this vibration, all that is not connected to a high vibration dissipates and dissolves.  

     About one year ago, I saw a sign that said,"If you have an interview for a new job and you cannot dry clean your suit, we will do it for free." I had never seen anything like this in my entire lifetime! This was the perfect thing to put on the window and it was beyond powerful. I just stood there in a temporary state of shock. That one sign let me know that all was not lost in this world. 

       Today I saw yet another sign that stopped me in my tracks. I was walking down the street and I saw a sign that read. "Do you need change? For bus, taxi, anything? We give with a smile. No purchase necessary." Now who was the idea behind this sign? What happened that made this person create this juicy sign? Could it be that someone helped them and that is why they are paying it forward? Either way, its a sentiment that I am sure has helped several people. 

       In closing, we are all being serviced at some point in this life. Serve or be served, or both. There is not to much else if you really think about it. How can we exist in this universe without knowing that service is the golden ticket to getting to a higher plane. We should not serve to be recognized for it, but rather just to feel what its like to pass magic on to another so that they may just marinate in sheer comfortable and relaxed fashion. Try it as soon as you can. It's addicting in the best way possible. Pay attention to the good ones, because the bad ones seem to get way too much ink. 




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