The Joy Of Having Your Own

  If you ever need something in this life and have to ask someone else for it until you can actually get it yourself, you will be in a place to learn a very valuable lesson. This lesson put very simply is, have your own things to live a more vivacious life. I believe that what we lack is most times just that thing or things that we are a bit scared of working at our full potential to get. In other words, we just have not busted our butts hard enough for a consistent time enough as of yet.

   Deciding that enough is truly enough is a huge step. I've come to realize that those who have their own are for the most part free of superficial worries. This is not about money, it's about freedom. Something so simple as having my own bicycle is huge for me. I actually have 3 bikes, but who's counting? Each one of them have a different and unique story as to how I received them. My point is that when I ride any one of those bicycles, the road is open in any direction that I choose to go. Whereas if I rent a bike, the time, care of someone Else's property, and even relationship as a whole with this bike is totally different.

   When we don't have our own of something, there is slight chasm that makes us possibly go a little slower on the journey. We may be giving half of our full potential instead of all of it. The feeling of having your own is second to none other than actually making your own of something. When we make our own way to prosper and then can show others, we are on the yellow brick road on our way to meet the Wizard!!!Actually, at that point, we become the Wizard. 

   When I do not have my own of something, it creates a bit of a void within me and many things around me will be affected.The magic is in the awareness that we can create all that will aid us on our journey. Take a leap and release some of that inner jet propulsion!!! So have your own of the things that make you light up from the inside. Also, don't forget that we always have exactly what we need to move forward. Its just that sometimes its disguised as hardship. I'm pulling for you all. With this level of collective support, what can we not accomplish?



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