The Facade Of Being Ready

   In the world of the arts, this question is a very popular one. I can say that this question is very common. We spend most of our lives honing our craft and we continue to ask ourselves if we are ready? Ready for what? Ready to fail less or to finally be done working? Ready to not have to take risks anymore? What is the meaning of being truly ready? Who has the answer to this question....?

    In my book the things that can be qualified as ready are things like toast, a baby's diaper to be changed, a doctor that calls you into the office, a perfectly cooked meal, a heart that is in the optimal place to join with another person, a wave that is ripe to be ridden, or even a race car that hugs the start line tightly right before it speeds off. These things are truly ready.

    I have asked myself if I was ready a few times over the past few years. The question came at different times for different reasons, however it mostly has to do with all that I have and am planning on creating for my future. When I speak of future,I prefer to speak about it as the extended present. Seeing the place you intend to arrive is so very important to me. The gut guides us no matter what we do. The question is, why don't we just listen to it?

    As it relates to an artist of any kind being ready is synonymous with swinging the bat each and every day no matter what. Taking misses that will ultimately lead to hits and then some. Walking out into the street and knowing that what you have is totally and completely unique. Also, staying aware of the fact that the moment you spend too much time comparing your talent or your success to even one other person, you are stifled by your own mind.

    In closing, I am completely aware that I am not ready, however, that does not matter. Many a great artist have done things that seem to be impossible while they were not actually blessed with the feeling of being "ready". Most of them just put their heads down and made something happen.  I can honestly say that the true artists are never ready. They just keep opening their eyes everyday and staying curious at every turn. I am committed to this.. 



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