The Bad Taste Left By Others / To Our Level

   In life we all make a wrong turn or a bad decision here and there. The main thing is who is around us when it happens and how we deal with it. Then there are times when others do things that are totally out of our control and we pay the price because their actions linger on into the future. So how do we manage things when what was done before us has already set its roots into the soil of an other's garden? I wish that I had the answer to that, but I do not. We can only control what we do and that is that.

    The downside or the challenge is that it does not feel too good on our end. I know for a fact that we all have an image of how we show up in the world. Ask yourself right now, how do you think your closest friends view you from your heart and body, to your soul? I only ask this because these are the people that actually matter to us. As the saying goes, to those who don't care, it doesn't matter. However, when they care, it matters. I am paraphrasing, but I am sure that you read me loud and clear.

     As a musician, there are many things that are commonplace when you discuss the treatment or the assumptions that people have towards us. many times when I am performing at a high end venue, there is a very consistent treatment of musicians. We are looked upon as "the help." In many situations, the upper management are just waiting to blast us with their verbal venom. Why do you think this is? In my opinion, its because so many musicians have acted as if they do not have to adhere to the rules like everyone else. This of course is not everyone by any stretch of the imagination. However, the fact still remains, a human being's actions can very easily trickle down to others of the same ilk. If a certain kind of people that look, dress, speak, and maybe even think the same way,they definitely can be perceived to a large majority as the same. Yet and still, when we categorize, judge, and decide without having all of the information, we suffer.

    I guess it goes without saying that this happens in love as well. How many of us have had a bad situation and then decided that all men or all women are exactly the same? Just for the record, as soon as one person addressed me as just like all of the other men many years ago, I vowed never to judge a woman in a relationship based on another woman. It has been a magic tenet to live by. We will all encounter the bad taste left by others on us at some point or another. The question is, will we stay and allow the marginalizing behavior or will we move on briskly? Just a thought. A long time ago I read a sentence that said, "It's not personal until you make it so."

     I am humbled daily by the diversity in other human beings. Where we are from, our experiences, our clothing, our speech, our taste in food and so on. The thing is, do you ever notice how from time to time we get a gut feeling that someone is on our level. What does that mean though? It can mean that the person uses the same cadences as us. It could mean that they possibly think like us, or it could mean that we just feel their aura as being familiar and comfortable? Either way, I guess we all like it when we are met at our level. It means that we can be ourselves and not have to adapt to have peace. So what happens when we do have to adjust a little bit here and there? Is that a bad thing or not? I would say that almost everything around us has to be slightly adjusted in order for us to be completely comfortable. On the other hand, when is anyone completely comfortable with everything? We are all changing minute to minute in order to arrive at our final destination. No one has to match up to us to be seen as relevant and we do not need to impress anyone to feel whole at the end of the day.

     In closing, I love that we are all unique bundles of possibility and strength. I cannot say enough how happy that I am having your eyes reading my blog. I thank you immensely. Be well. Remember that you are magic.




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