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  Most of my posts are about my life's experiences and the magic lessons that I take away from them. I seek to enrich others as well as to plant seeds that help others to push away mental blocks or sometimes even just shine a light on a blurry area. I never know what I do exactly until I am told by the person who has read something that moves them. It is then that I am reminded that everyone takes different things from the same words.

   In a conversation with a very sharp mind  today, I realized that I actually need to scratch an itch in the area of my songwriting. It has always been fascinating how certain songs affect me and why. Then it seems that I get a certain feeling that literally overcomes my entire being.Its like when you see someone that you are completely in love with or when you see a movie that reminds you of something that you experienced or are currently dealing with. You cannot stop the emotion from gushing right out of you.

    Song writing in my opinion is a certain release that carries great risk with it. When a song is written well, you can feel that the writer lures you into a realm of undying truth and exposure. Each and every song that I respect and enjoy touches a part of me that I am afraid of facing or have faced in the past, or allows me to feel a certain mental and physical balance within a matter of 3 to 5 minutes. This is a force more powerful than I can put into words.

     I asked myself today why have I not written so many songs about my many magical and colorful interactions and situations that have transpired in my life? Then I realized that it's the truth and realness that scares us the most when we are faced with it. I have the words, emotions, instruments, and technology to get them all out into the open. Its amazing to have unlimited ammunition and still not shoot the gun.

      In closing, I can liken song writing to truth telling. I believe that each of us holds a certain amount of truth within us that we save for ourselves just to be sure that it does not get out to anyone. The funny thing is that I find that so many things that we think would shock others, are the same things that they are going through themselves.Which is why certain songs affect us so deeply. I really believe that all of the answers to life's deepest questions are nestled in well written songs.  Its time to release the truth. They feel like 20 little puppies waiting to get into the top dog park in the city. They will do anything to get in. So in my case, they will do anything to get out..Game on



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