Seeing Things As You Want Them To Be

   This concept is something that I have been working on for many years. Again, as I have said many time before, I am not perfect. The truth though, is that today I got yet another reminder that this is in fact a real concept. The actual story of what happened is actually not the most important thing or reason why I am bringing this up. The reason that I have chosen to write this post is the actual mind set that brought me to that affirmation. The journey is always how I learn about the destination.

    I arrived at a place in my mind a few days ago that instructed me to see things the way that I want them to be. I took a deep breathe and I am now allowing it more than I was even a month ago. I have found over time that the present is definitely precious, however, planning ahead with our minds to see things as we want to see them is a far underrated on every level. Those who have told me that they don't expect too much for fear of being disappointed are doing themselves a terrible disservice.

     So I ask you, how hard would it be to think about a few things in your life that you would love to see differently. As a marathoner would say, see yourself breaking through the tape first. See yourself winning and hearing the cheers from the thousands who watch you do it. Is it so bad to get yourself ready for feeling even better than you do right now? Well for some people, that really is not such an easy thing and I can respect that . However, for those who can allow that into them now, why not?

     I wanted to just plant this thought and just let it sit for a while. If you care to comment on what happened to you when you  tried it out, I would love that. I am open to all comments just because you took the time to participate. I send you the best of vibes that are possible..




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