Recommending People

  I believe that we all deserve to be spoken well about. The other half of that is that we should all do what it takes to earn that. Life sends us through so many twists and turns and we are expected to manage it no matter how they arrived. In all seriousness, I enjoy putting people in the limelight and saying, hey, this person is golden and you should do business with them. This person does what no one else does and they do it with a smile and then some. This person will make your life so much easier. So how often does this happen? The answer is very rarely.

   We all watch each other and somehow get a feel for how the other side operates from day to day. We don't have to watch people minute by minute to get a feel for who they are. We all make small deposits into the minds and opinions of those around us. This we cannot control at all. Even though its none of your business what people think of you, it somehow gets to you every now and then and that's just being human.

    So at times we can be put in a precarious position by putting an other's well being before ours.We always know that there is a possibility for a mishap, but we don't always take it very seriously. All in all we want things to work out and with some people, we don't even think twice about it collapsing.
So then it happens, the ball is dropped and the pieces scatter everywhere. There are too many pieces to pick up at once, so they are managed one by one. There are then lessons learned and we get to move forward. Wouldn't it be cool if it were all that easy?

    In closing, I cannot be angry for the person who was given trust, I decided to give it to them and that means that I am responsible for what happened as well. I am writing this post so that I can remind myself of how we all need to be a little bit more open and ready for when things hit the fan. The magic here is that anyone can mess up anything. So if we can find it in ourselves to take it slower and not lash out as much as we do when it goes wrong, it could change this whole machine.Some people that you recommend don't realize that they are holding up two people and not just themselves.
What a lesson, and hopefully you only have to learn it once. Keep your head up and your mind open.



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