Faith In Motion

  We have all heard the word "faith" several thousands of times in our lives. Some of us relate it directly to religion, while others see it as a personal thing that they do not talk about, and every where in between. Faith is a name of a person as well, and personally I have a very warm and personal, and happy feeling about the one person that I call by this name. My favorite sentence with the word "faith" in it is from the bible. I am no expert on the bible, however, the sentence goes as follows:

" Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

   That sentence is powerful to me because it does exactly what it needs to do. It has a direct message and you can use the information right away.  I love sentences that are not blurry at all like that. I have so many examples of how faith can work in our favor. I don't preach about it at the top of my lungs, however, I leave hints for my closest friends whenever I can.  

   I got a call from one of my favorite people in the world, who happens to be a relative of mine. We spoke about faith and it was very stimulating because I was able to share a recent story that just happened that deals directly with faith. I also call it manifestation because I believe we manifest things when we walk with faith on a consistent basis.I told myself to relax and allow things to take the shape that they need to without resistance. One day later, something happened in my favor that gave me some breathing room that I needed in a big way. I can completely attribute this to faith. It's in our power to use faith as our ally. The things that happen in our lives are combinations of many things. I am sure that when we keep our minds lighter and more focused on faith, that we attract a different vibration.

    Over the years I have heard many people lose faith simply because things did not go their way. It's only as I see things a bit more maturely that I realize that most of those people didn't actually "believe" all of the way.They only gave faith as much strength as they could personally see themselves giving, which is not all the way by a long shot. We all have our own perceptions on "all". Meaning if one person says that they fully believe that they will succeed, the next person may only be saying it to be perceived as being full of faith. It works in the moment, but it only proves to be a facade in the end Then when things go wrong, inside they say that they never believed in in the first place.  

      Faith is a spectacular tool to utilize. It takes practice though. daily practice that becomes automatic through our words and actions. We will slip up from time to time, however, the foundation that is strong will always prevail in the end. I feel that wholeheartedly. I know that when I put faith in motion, it will always rub off on at least one other person. If that's the case, then its worth it ten fold going forward. We cannot be successful or live fully without affecting others. That is a universal rule and it will never change,ever. Step up and be faithful. You will not be sorry. 



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