Translating A Divine Quote

  This posting is a little something different. I saw a quote earlier today and it moved me. This quote was not in English, it was in Spanish. I seldom speak or write about my love for languages. I speak Italian and quite a bit of Spanish as well. I love to speak and sing in other languages and I have done so for many years. As I came across this quote, I stopped and translated it as best as I could. Then I checked that my translation was correct and I was just a little bit off. The message was moving, so I decided to bring it here to my blog and allow each one of you to take a crack at translating it. For those of you with zero language skills, remember that there are all sorts of translators that are accessible online for free. I am curious who will take the time to actually decipher this moving series of words? I hope you enjoy it. This is for the strong women out there.

  "Mirate caminar, mujer, estas para que te amen.Que se rompan las ventanas cada vez que pasas cerca y se hagan grietas en el piso con los zapatos que tocas, para que piensen en ti cuando se apagan las luces y seas el primer deseo que alguien pida al despertar. Mirate bien, mujer, no estas para que te enganen, ni que te quieren a medias. No estas para ser segunda opcion." 
                                                                      - Estefania Mitre

    Are you tempted to translate it at all? Give it a shot and comment on it if it moves you even just a little bit. I am very curious to see how this lands with the ladies. I love quotes and I read them almost every day. So sometimes I read quotes in other languages too. I think it goes without saying that the Spanish language has a certain fire to it. This particular quote falls under that category as well. Enjoy this and please reach out to me at Please use the subject "QUOTE". I look forward to your viewpoints.

     Enjoy your evening or day. I send you much love and abundance, and compassion.




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