Tip Pouting

  This topic has been moving through my veins since I was in my teens. When we go out to eat or we are being served in any way, we all have the ability to tip a person for a job well done. Its actual meaning is, "to insure promptitude". Now at first glance, you would think that it was saying hears to everything being prompt and in good taste, or something along those lines. However, the way that many servers treat people today seems to be more of a sense of entitlement than anything else.

   So there I was waiting for a group of men to finish bringing things into my storage space. I felt that the end was near, so I offered his kind man a well deserved piece of paper appreciation. The look he gave me could have stopped a herd of cattle running down the mountain!!!He wanted to know if there was more and if there is some possible mistake? I explained to him that the company who was facilitating this whole situation was in charge of tipping, and that I was just giving him a little extra. I just wanted to be very clear with him.

    Tipping has officially become expected and not consistently worked for in this day and age. By the same token, those that don't expect a tip are actually my favorite ones to give it to. They smile, appreciate it, and revel in it in the most soothing way. Watching this makes me feel so good. I know for sure that a good tip that is worked for will always be better than a non existent tip that is met with question marks and blurriness. This guy pouted, however, I saw the best in me by watching how this set him off and sent him into a tailspin. I vowed to never let that happen to me in the future. Tipping is optional, not mandatory. I believe that almost everything stems from the energy that we receive. So we have to listen to our guts and the magic energy will show up when it needs to. When we feel that we have been taken care of authentically and with lots of care, we react in kind.

      In closing, I liken this tip pouting to life in general. When I show up pouting internally, I get very little out of it even if I think tat I am successfully hiding it. Truth be told, I am not much of a pouter, however, I have had my own versions of pouting and I have had to curb it quickly. Service is real, service is one of our greatest gifts to one another. There will always be a reward when you serve others. The catch is that it may not always show up in a financial way. Keep looking up. Pouting solves nothing...





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