Ships of Relation (Part 2)

  It has become more and more evident that relations fuel our entire world no matter what nation you hail from. The things that have been going on right now in America have made me think more and more about my own personal relationships and how much I value the people who I identify as my true friends. Each and every one of us are undoubtedly affected by how we are treated. Treatment is key.

    I have always been fascinated with the strength of relationships in my life that have spanned over 20 years or so. This is a small but mighty group of select individuals in my personal life. How did we stay in touch all of this time? There have been many years and many miles of movement on my part. I have traveled in and around over 40 countries and possibly met thousands of people, yet only those who have had a solid reason to stay have stood the test of time. I know how to reach out to them if I need them or they need me.

    No man or woman is an island that can take care of him or herself without the presence of love and compassion. The relationship is so crucial and so very powerful when navigated properly. I know that I will be adjusting to its rigorous ebb and flow just as a sailboat does through a wild storm in the middle of the night. Can you relate to all of this relationship pondering?? I am certain that you recognize the magic in those that stick by us and always let us know that they appreciate the energy that we deliver to them whether we realize it or not. Sending you all of the best possible energy.



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