Say My Name

  Where would we be without our names? Think about what would happen if people had to refer to you strictly based on the attitude that you delivered day in and day out? What if all that they had to look at was exposed directly on your body? The world would surely be a different place for certain.

   I learned to remember people's names as much as possible from my childhood. I think that I actually learned it from my parents always knowing people's names. As I have written about before, it seemed as though wherever they went, everyone knew them. By the same token, they seemed to know everyone as well. I had no idea that I had taken this all in until I was an adult. Now it is very important to me.

    Last week I was in Chinatown here in NYC and I went to a place that I really love.  It serves all of this delicious vegetarian food and its so good each and every time. The people know me there and they seem to go out of their way for me each and every time that I arrive.  They are genuinely good people, I can feel it. The other side of the coin is that it does make me come back again and again. This time was a special time because two different people addressed me by my first name. I had no idea that one of them was paying attention to me prior to that day.

    To this day there are certain people who say my name and the world as we know it stops within me. There is just something that happens that I cannot explain. I will not mention who they are, but it is very magical and very powerful. What is it about hearing our own name that just makes us so very comfortable?

     It's such a great tool to actually use some one's name as you address them. You will of course have to engage said person to open up the door to engagement, however, this is such a wonderful kick off for what's to come later on..It seems so simple, but trust me, there are people all over the over the world that we that see almost daily and we do not know their name, nor their current situation.

     We will never know every name or even mostly all of the names that are around us, yet making an effort is such a golden porthole opening to lots of bliss. Our name opens the door and says come in and sit right here on this velvet chair and tell me what can I do for you? The name game is a real one. So just like that hit song that practically ruled the ears of this entire world from Beyonce, Say my name, say my name. It will do you no harm...



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