Living For Real

  This is a very tricky way to title a posting. These three words are loaded with several meanings. Are you living for real? Is this the real way that you want to live? Do you live in a fantasy world or are you living for real in this very moment. You can fit in to any one of these statements. Which one you choose is entirely up to you.

   I have always believed that we live from the inside out. In other words, how we see this life from the inside almost always dictates how it develops on the outside. However, since there are exceptions to every rule, it can go left or right at any given moment. I found myself defending the present moment today in a conversation with a wonderful human being that I have not seen in over 20 years. it was a phone conversation, but it sparked some receptors in me.

    We went back and forth on the concept of being completely in the present moment right now, or shutting out the things that can not materialize in this very moment until they can actually happen. I guess it would be like me telling you to close your eyes and visualize that you are riding along the coast of California on your way to your Malibu home. Imagine the wind shooting through your hair and your favorite party tune comes on. You are feeling free and completely care free.

     Now let's take the same scenario, but this time you are at the dealership and you have just picked up your new car. You are now driving down the coast for real and the wind is blowing through your hair faster than you can get your hands on your head. The stick shift is popping in and out of gear and you are listening to your favorite party dance tune. You are on cloud nine.

     Which one of those scenarios was more powerful to you? Well, let me give you a hint, it wasn't the one that said you were in your new car driving down the coast in your new car, or was it? I gave you two situations, however you had no choice but to see it how it formed in your brain. You had to create it with any or all of you best emotions. What's real right now is totally up to you. Emotion is real. Breathing is real, The things that we are afraid of are also real, well to us personally anyway.

     There is a statement that says ."I'll believe it when I see it." The other one says, " When I believe in it, then I will see it." So are we doing ourselves a disservice by  pushing away that which does not seem real? To be live in a room touching, seeing, conversing, and sharing is divine. To be thinking about it and to experience the anticipation of this happening is priceless....To be continued



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