If They Can/ I Honor You

  I have been watching myself and how I react to successful people. I actually have been doing this for a very long time. The fact of the matter is that recently something is really affecting me in a different way. What I am getting at is this feeling that there is more within reach that I am not reaching for on a few levels. You ever get that feeling that in one way or another there is too much looking and not enough doing? On the other hand, I do so much in one week that I have to force myself to relax on a consistent basis. These sentences juts bring me back to one word and one word only, balance.

   Without question, I know that there is one thing that we all have to come to grips with, and that is realizing our potential. I also think that as we get closer to it, our new found strength pushes us even harder to achieve more. I love this part of being an artist and a creator. We are all creators actually. This is my opinion of course. In the blink of an eye, under the correct situation, we can all create something that will produce change in our lives. I know this to be true with all of my might.

    The statement that reminds us that if someone else can do it so can you, makes so many people uncomfortable. I am going to take a stab at why I think that this is so. I feel that too many people put other people's experiences into their own. A size 16 woman could not fit a size 6 woman's bathing suit. None of your female friends could have been Oprah. Your friends amazingly athletic son could not have been Michael Jordan. This is all true for one simple reason, its already been done. You can follow the same path as any of your lifetime heroes, and all you will get is the experience that you have chosen to have. After that, it's quite possible that some one will want to model their lives after you.

     So when I hear if they can do it, so can you, I believe it. Not because I want to have their experience, but because I want to have an experience that is as powerful inside of my chest as it feels when I look at what they have accomplished. I plan to blaze my own path. I plan to do many other things that make the world tingle and vibrate a little bit more. Look at other people who are successful and ask yourself, what is the golden skill or communicative magic that they have? Why have they captured your attention so strongly? Afterwards, take your special gifts and strengthen them in your own way. I would not suggest anything to you that I was not working on daily with myself. Its just a suggestion anyway.

     Four years ago on this day, I met someone who is very near and dear to me. Our time together was truly magical. The laughter, the insights, the crying, the trying, the understanding, the exploring, the discovering, the knowing of each other, and of course the rich love that we have cultivated over this time. Life has a way of putting people together to accomplish things and then allowing them to go their separate ways after the lessons or elevations have completed their intentions. Somehow as I thought of them today knowing very well what day it was, I began to break down a little bit right in public as I thought of them. I tried to hold it back, but it was too late.It was happiness, love, melancholy, uncertainty as to how the circle completed, and so many other emotions wrapped into one. Our bodies do speak to us and they tell us the truth. I cannot say the same thing about our minds, but I know for sure the heart and soul speak to us clearly and directly just about every time. So how's this for timing? This person texts me within 15 minutes of that happening. I was grateful, full of emotion, stunned, almost weightless, but most of all full of so much belief in the power of connection and energy. That was no coincidence. They were several thousands of miles away. It doesn't matter if they read this or not, because the energy behind the message will surely reach them. Just know that there is someone feeling your energy right now. This is a really big deal. Don't even think of questioning it. Thank you. I honor you.




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