Getting Real With Realness

  This is a continuation of my previous posting. I was extremely stimulated by a conversation about what is real and what is in the distance a couple of days ago. My partner in conversation was very steadfast in getting their point across. The point was that they could not begin to feel what is not right in front of them or not even in the vicinity. They pushed it aside so as not to cloud what was present and active. I have been pondering this for 2 days.

   To be clear, I have been reworking this sort of inner conversation for many years collectively. You may ask yourself why this is? It's because of the sheer fact that most of the things that I have in my life right now are here because I focused on them over and over again when they were not in sight at all. You can call this manifestation, speaking or thinking it into existence, or just simply belief. I am open to several ways of spinning my internal story. All that I do know for sure is that it keeps on happening.

    When people tell me to get real, I want to ask them what their definition of real is? It could not possibly be just one definition, so I want to give them the chance to give me their own rendition. From my heart, soul, and eyes, getting real is awarding yourself with the thoughts and actions that will set you free. Doing and saying those things that will liberate you and give you more air to breathe in this sometimes claustrophobic world. One of my favorite getting real stories is this guy in the above video. His name is Nick Vujicic .I have mentioned him before in my blog, but I cannot bring him up enough.If anyone has the right to give up in life, it's this guy. However, I bet he has done more for others and on himself than the large majority of people on this planet. Look him up and watch as many of his videos as possible. The humble pie that you will want to eat will most certainly fill you up and make it hard for you to walk.

     In closing, I have my own definition of being real and I tread lightly when confronted with a viewpoint that takes me too far out of my game. Of course, we all have mental sparring matches with
things that are a bit outside of the box for our tastes right? You are not a bad person for thinking the way that you do or living the way that you do.All of our thoughts seem to show up in our actions for the most part. The magic of this life is that their is something to learn from every viewpoint if you just listen carefully. So get real with yourself!! You can't get real with some one else's view point, because that would be just called "fake". So be very careful, because one day without notice, your fake could very easily become real. I think you get my drift. Peace and clarity.




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