Finding The Magic In Conflict

  When we are going through something, it stretches us to a new dimension right before our very eyes. Sometimes we do not see it until the very end, but we have to recognize it at some point. If it were all just sweet honey and balloons, none of us would grow at all. I am certain that I have grown because I am writing this posting. Years ago, I would have kept this to myself and processed it for weeks on end. now I know that each and every challenge that we endure is for an exact reason and it is absolutely necessary.

   We all have the choice with the way in which we deal with conflict of any kind. I am certain that I did no see it this way 10 years ago. Actually, I may have seen it that way, I just did not know how to fully actualize the behavior that goes along with it. I can say for sure that it takes a massive amount of tenacity and diligence to keep afloat. When we respond to conflict with rage, we create more conflict. When we respond to conflict with understanding, we run the risk of not being taken seriously on some fronts. However, I have almost never seen a man or a woman that makes a conscious decision to take it easy and stay calm, who did reap some serious benefits from it.

   In my humble opinion, I also believe that it is so very easy to to decide that conflict just follows you wherever you go. It's easy because you decide that its easy. So if you have a leg that is sprained or almost broken, you can tell yourself that walking would hurt way too much, so you stay in bed all day four weeks. When you decide to get up, you might not be able to after all. I mentioned to my good friend the other day that I gain so much calmness from just deciding how I am going to react to some things before they actually happy.

       I have found over the years that when you begun accountable for things that are happening around you, then it sends a different message to your brain. Its difficult to do this over and over again because no one likes to take the fall. You know when people hide behind things and then later on reveal that they should not have said anything?  CONFLICTS WILL PASS, THEY ALWAYS DO.

                                                                T0 THE TOP!!!



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