Dropping Paper / Waiting In Line

   Have you ever seem someone who is eating something just drop the wrapper or the outer covering of it on to the street like it was nothing? This posting is inspired by this very blatantly obvious past time that many people in NYC have. I am telling you that I have seen this happen so many times that I am convinced that people do not even notice it anymore. So what is the solution? I watched myself from the inside out as I became just a little bit perturbed as I saw this happening not even 3 feet to the left of me. I caught myself staring for a millisecond and waiting for some sign of an explanation. Then I realized as I have so many other times in the past, that I would have to just let that go and move forward. This was the best mode of operation.

    I thought it over and I came to the conclusion that I was irritated because that was not the way that I was raised at all. My mind would not have even thought for a fraction of a second that it was acceptable to carry out this litter mission. So should I have said something? I mean just for the benefit of human kind? Should I have just given this guy a little nudge in a slow and easy fashion just so he got the idea? For some the answer is unequivocally yes. Yes for others, they would just say live and let live, it's not your business. I would be part of the latter group of course. Life is so diverse and there are so many angles. Some of you might have even thought that I was about to write about spending money as you read the first title. This is why its best to just sit back sometimes and just marinate in the information and even in the action that is taking place before you just strike.

     Did you know that the number one cause of track fires each and every year in NYC is people throwing paper on the tracks? I mean how could something so preventable be so prevalent?  But again, every one sees this as a different issue or a different level of an issue. The garbage cans are everywhere, so why cant we use them? I believe that you can get a ticket for littering, however, I have never seen anyone get arrested or even fined not even once. Why did I write about this? Because one paper, wrapper, string, or casing, becomes an entire mindset after a short period of time. If people see little paper or scraps all around, they think its just fine to make it some sort of art installation at will. We all need to pick our battles.

    We all wait in line quite a few times a week. But there are always a few people who feel as though their destination is so much more important. They huff and puff and they try to make sure that everyone feels their pain. My newest technique to combat it is to stand as straight as I can and look forward. If they keep on spewing, I just take a deep breath and do a short meditation that blocks them out. Either way, I make the time count for me at least by just staying still. It actually works, but boy does it take mega patience. We all want to make it to the front of the line, however, sometimes we forget that the line is built to keep order, not to create disorder. This week is all about patience for me. Patience with myself  as well others. Lets face it, without patience, we would all be a little bit more dysfunctional and a lot more agitated. Calm, slow, more breaths, and by the way, its better for all of us. I promise. I am out like cassette tapes.......


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