Do They Believe You?

  When you are being genuinely nice to someone and they seem to back away from you, how do you react? It's common for people just to be cautious and a bit stand offish based on what happened long before you came along. Yet and still, you have to navigate through their fear and still show up as authentic as possible. This is something that is spoken about quite seldomly.

   From the moment that we meet people, we make up our minds if we trust them, if we like the way that they are relating with us, and even if we are sexually attracted to them. This all happens so quickly in our minds that we don't even get a choice to negate it. So then what do we do when these things happen? Must we accept them or do we challenge them immediately? This remains the question over and over again.

    I have met thousands of men and women in the past 20 years or so and I can tell you clearly that each and every one of them has made an impression on me. I define impression as just what it is. When you meet a person and they connect with you based on their energy. We have no choice but to offer our energy to others. After it is out in the air, then comes the time for it to be accepted or not. I have learned over the years that not committing to being accepted for your authenticity is key. If you know what powers you, that alone is enough.

     I was told today how I was seen connecting with others. The feedback was positive and very unexpected. It just let me know even clearer that there is always someone watching how you show up in life. While we are working on ourselves, there is so much information around us that we sometimes get caught up in it.

     In closing, I am certain that we all would like to be accepted, sought after, or even revered for something in this lifetime. It maybe even be our life long ambition. However, I have found that the most important thing is to build strong belief within ourselves. That is the only thing that we can control. That is the only thing that can only be checked within ourselves.All other things are just distractions that buy real estate in our mental condo and some how we cannot evict them. We are all works in progress. As long as we are working on our progress, all will prevail. Take stock of your movement. There is magic in the belief of you.



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