And Then There Was Less

 We amass so many material things in our lives. It is just something that happens if we do not keep tabs on it. Each one of us is drawn to different things at different times. We travel and buy gifts and we stay home and receive gifts. no matter who we are, we have to manage this concept to the best of our ability. Over time, I have given away so many things to so many people. I say that not to toot m own horn, but to stress how life changing it is overall.

   Because of some challenging situations that seem to have been out of my control, I have been given many opportunities to purge many of the things that I love over the past 3 years. The details as to why this has been the case seems to be irrelevant now. I only see the fact that I have been given the window to let more and more go and flow. It is true when it is said that we all have exactly the right amount to succeed in this life beyond our wildest dreams. If we can just concentrate on those things that make us feel alive and exhilarating, the other things can and usually do just magically evaporate from our lives.

   As I was throwing away some of my things earlier today, I had a wonderful feeling of lightness that came over me once again. I have experienced this quite a few times over a short period of time as I stated earlier. The minimalist lifestyle is one that allows you to take in more while holding on to less. That may sound like a confusing sentence, however, it is quite simple overall. It means that somehow, we tend to be more content when we are having more experiences, rather than holding on to tangible items.

    I thought specifically today about my cameras. I have far too many cameras. The question is, who decides how many is too many? Is anyone judging me for having many cameras? If I just had 3 cameras, would I shoot with more detail? Would I cherish each camera even more? Maybe I would wish that I had more cameras again? Who knows? The fact of the matter is that capturing life makes me feel ridiculously alive and excited! With that being said maybe there is no limit to how many cameras I can own? Who knows for sure?

    There have been a few key times in my life when I lived on very little possessions based on traveling and performing at the same time. I was not upset about being without all of my belongings at all. I just remember adapting and paying attention to more things outside of myself. I remember so deeper interactions. I remember that I was definitely in the moment even more too!!Less can definitely be more.

    In closing, each of us need to understand our inner selves. If you love having more of anything, you will probably do what it takes to acquire those things. As the saying goes, we all do the things that are most important to us. We all make time for that which is important to us.We also make time for those you mean the most to us. Having less gives us the chance to expose more of who we really are to ourselves and then to others. I am currently on a less possessions kick. I intend to be lighter, sleeker, even more open, and to give more overall. I can think of many businesses that thrive on those who want more of certain things. However, I can also think of many people that can create joy from thin air with merely a book or a pen in their hand. There is no right or wrong, only choice and attraction to that which thrills you. In my humble opinion, there is magic in becoming independently abundant and wealthy, with a sizable amount less. I send you the accruing energy to acquire exactly how much you would love to receive, or to just give away.



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