The Reflective Reaction

  Each and every day we are faced with seeing ourselves in a mirror of sorts. To be clear, we see ourselves many times a day either in other people and we don't always believe it or give it the proper amount of attention. It has taken me a long time to see that people either reflect you or they rotate on their own axis. Its when you meet those who have a bit of both that it really gets interesting.

   So when we are confronted with a situation that does not agree with us, its seems that we may need to consult with our inner self to see where we may be challenged within. This is very challenging for me, however, I have been delving into it more and more recently. You know those moments when something instantly gets under your skin so badly that you feel suffocated? I now realize beyond the shadow of a doubt that it was there way before the conflict.

   I had a revelation today that the good that we seek is usually the good that we have been shown as well. Its not that I have not felt this in the past, but today it grabbed me by the soul and shook me. Why do I want things to be so good for people? Why do I need a clear answer when certain energies cut off and never reach out again? When is it my responsibility "not" to speak and just listen? Does the reflection ever do something to trick us into reacting a certain way?

    In closing, the magic here is that when we are given a particular reflection, we can surely act upon it the way that we see fit. There is absolutely no guarantee how it will be received. You might be saying to yourself right now, "What? How is that magic?' My answer is, it makes us all better communicators, better listeners, better students in the art of human interaction. I think that I pretty good with people in general, however, I have been challenged multiple times lately. I welcome it and I will keep rising to the occasion. It just humbles me so much that its still a work in progress. I will forever be a student. What a priceless gift in life, should you choose to acknowledge it. Be gentle with yourself because only you know exactly when you are definitely cutting to close to the bone. Do you get me? The land of sand awaits me. Peace out earthlings...



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