The Man With Four Loving Eyes

  Its so fascinating how much you can learn about life and human behavior riding the NYC subway. I write about the subway quite a bit as you know. I really love the interactions that take place while people are just being who they are. Its like a voyeuristic experience on a different level. People are always going to be nothing but themselves on a NYC subway. That is the reality show that needs to be filmed. The problem is that as soon as people know that they are being filmed, there will be an urge to act up and try to be something that they are not.

    I was sitting at the end of the train in a corner seat. The train was relatively full and it was uncommonly quiet for the most part. Every few minutes there would be a small sound or maybe even a low tone of a voice speaking to someone else. Then out of nowhere a man's voice came out quite forcefully. He was speaking in Spanish and he did not sound happy at all. I ignored it at first, but I looked to my right as it happened again. Come to find out it was a man with his two kids who were acting up a bit. He had to set them straight in English and in Spanish.

    He was very gentle with them and you could see that they loved and respected him so very much. A few stops passed and they looked as though they were preparing to exit the train. At that moment I realized that the man was blind. I saw the walking stick that had been hidden by his left leg. He was using his right leg to stay connected to his daughter, and his son was right behind him. The formation was perfect to keep him aware of where he was as well as to allow his kids to guide him successfully where ever he needed to go.

     I have seen so many blind people on the subway in the past. Some had dogs, some just with a walking stick, some with other adults, however, to see this man with his two children that were about 4 and 7 max, was just moving on another level. They got off at the same stop as me and we actually boarded the same platform to catch our next rain as well. Anyhow, I stopped walking and I watched the care that they took with their father. They walked down a long flight of stairs with him. The daughter was in the front and the son was on the side to the back area. Something about this whole thing gave me pause. They were so young, but they handled this 50 something year old man with such precision. I loved every moment of it. What a magical vignette to have witnessed first hand.I knew in my heart that I would have done the same for my parents no matter what age they were.

      In closing, I heard a comedian in an interview a few days ago and he was asked to name something that he has tried that he will never try again? Do you know what his answer was? His answer was love. I took in a deep breath and did my best not to judge him. The girl who was speaking with him quickly told him that he could not possibly live without love. She told him that everyone needs love no matter who you are. Today made that sentence so very evident. I felt the love and took it in without even trying. I actually saw quite a few people observing this man and his children and I could tell that it had moved them as well. It was all about "The Man With Four Loving Eyes" that truly were a dynamic and unwavering unit. I was so grateful to be at the right place at the right time. It was so good...And you, when was the last time you were in the right place at the right time to receive an unexpected gift inside of your soul that only you could feel in your own special way? I am open to many more days like this in the future. I wish you all the best that you can muster up. It's there for the taking.So why not just let it be you?




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