The Ebb And Flow Glow/ 2016 Did Not Suck

  People allover the world have know for years that what goes up must come down. The laws of gravity in every sense are ever present and as real as it gets. There has not been even one part of my life that has stayed exactly consistent from the from to the back, except maybe the love and dedication that my family and a very select group of people have given me since as far back as I can remember. They are all magic to me and I celebrate them inward and outward almost daily.

   As much as I read about balance, it is still a challenge most of the times. When we feel joy, accomplishment, love, victory, and even some euphoria, maintaining it takes quite a bit of our facilities. In my opinion, this is primarily because many outside forces push against us and we are constantly rebuilding our game plan so as to circumvent the turmoil. This is of course is not the case for everyone. How could it possibly be at the end of the day?

    As I speak with my closest friends and even some family members, I realize more and more that the flow is 10 times more important than the ebb. We can all be introduced to the ebb, but not all of us can flow through it. Sit with that one for a moment. Either way, we don't get the choice to only be intimate with flow. Sister Ebb will have her way with us over and over again and she will smile at us as she continues to show up. This is not the end of the world at all. It's just our internal feedback building its muscle over and over again, day after day.

    Just about everything that I have loved being around, dreamed of having, admired from afar, or am truly fascinated about moves in circular motion in one way or another. So how do we handle it when almost everything around us is susceptible to almost immediate change on any given day? I wish that i had that concrete answer, but I do not. So I continue to marinate in the present and document as much of the magic as I possibly can. I fall back on some days, but I always get back up.

    2016 is finished. It will never return and that is a stone cold fact. This year has been difficult for some and very prosperous for others. Did you know that 70% of investors on Wall street profited through investments this year? Did you also know that more women than men profited this year? I found those things to be very interesting. We will soon have a new president. I will not make a judgment on him either away. I am not a political joy rider. Our country still remains one of the most powerful nations in the world, if not "the" most powerful nation in the world. So what we do, how we handle the road ahead, and lastly, how we manage ourselves will decide our destination.

    There has been so much talk about why 2016 sucked. I write it this way only because of how I have heard it spoken about for the last 6 months or so. New leaders from all professions are selected every year in one way or another. Many people die each year. They are from a myriad of professions that span many categories and age groups. Its very interesting how many people from the entertainment world left us this year, however, once again, many leave us every year. In truth, they are just from varying degrees of importance from person to person. If your hero was Muhammad Ali, this was a very sad year for you, as so on.

    In closing, 2016 did not suck. It gave us some harsh feedback, some major changes, and most of all, a huge reminder of how precious life is once again. So if you are still alive and able to walk, talk, breathe, and eat your favorite food, you are doing pretty well. What will you do this year to light up the world for yourself and possibly for others? That may not even be important to you at all. But if it is, point yourself in the direction of it and don't stop moving until you feel your hand or your heart on it in real time. Welcome to 2017. I am in complete support of you and that thing that you must accomplish in due time. Big love.



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