Serving People

  At the end of the day, is there anything more important than serving people? No matter what you do or where you go, in order for things to move forward, someone has to serve someone. If half of the world became millionaires tomorrow, the other half would still have to serve them just to keep the world spinning. I like this fact.

   I had a talk with some Starbucks employees today. Nothing too serious, actually very light indeed. I told them that they were all putting out this really positive vibe as I walked in. The place was mostly empty as it was very early in the day. The location has only been open for about a moth or so as well. So does that mean that they are all new and just fresh and not affected yet, or are they all just genuinely amazing and engaging people who love their jobs? I am going to go with the latter.

    In short, I told them that I love it when people are giving great service and when they actually seem like they love what they are doing. They received the compliment very graciously and we spoke a little bit more about how they like working there and so forth. I was in there all of 15 minutes total. However, I was so happy to have made a connection with them. I even told them that i do mystery shops from time to time. I promised them that I was not making a report about any of them, but I think I got one of them a bit nervous either way.

     To flip this concept onto a different plane, we can actually hurt people if we serve them too much. We all have one or two people in our lives that we serve up a certain type of attention and even point of view to that we can hurt as well. As I was deep in conversation with a life long friend, she said something that really hit home for me. She said that when we allow people to continue to act a certain way that we actually do not like, we are actually doing them a disservice rather than helping them. To break this down to brass tacks, if something is not vibrating correctly, do not let it continue without bringing it up and smoothing it out. I have been guilty of this so many times. I am very much in favor of keeping the peace.

     In truth, we cannot serve anyone until we have served ourselves. I was in a spectacular mood when I spoke to those people in Starbucks. My intention was to spill as much of that magic energy on them as I possibly could. I believe that service to others comes in many forms and through many vehicles. My fascination is looking for new ways to send it out into the world. As far as not serving others properly by letting them take us too far down that proverbial emotional road with a lack of oxygen, we can all work on that. There are no perfect human beings, however, we all deserve to breathe with ease knowing that we are showing up in the world as we most want to be seen. If we are doing too much mental reorganizing to stay afloat and appease others, then we really are not on the playing field. Let that marinate a bit...Onward and upward.



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