Presently Speaking / I Cannot Shake Hands

   Some things happen to test us I believe. Its those things that we have no prior experience with at all that give us pause. For example, what would you do if a person came up to you and told you that they wanted you to hold a briefcase for them and assured you that you only needed to hold it for ten minutes and then you can give it back. What if they looked sincere and not sleazy at all? What if they told you that some one's life depended on it? What if they told you that they would be hurt if you didn't do it? I am guessing that most people would say no and move along. But then there are others that would possibly just do it to be helpful and not even think of the consequences. What makes those two people different? Well everything. They both have had a series of happenings in their lives that have caused them to "be" a certain way and that is that. For the most part, they have been so programmed by the past that the present is a non existent place.

    A close friend of mine was actually surprised recently when something went smoothly and questioned it while acting very confused. They thought for sure that a certain person would react a certain way, and they did not. They chose a calm path and the other party had no choice but to follow suit. As I spoke to them and felt so much balance. I was once again reminded how powerful being kind is, even in the face of possible turmoil or breakdown, and how it pays huge dividends to the giver and receiver.

    Being present while speaking and speaking in the present are one in the same. With no projection of negativity or possible failure, you are forced into thinking and creating in the moment. Kind of like  mother trying to watch her favorite show with 4 kids running around vs. that same woman sitting in a warm bath at home all alone and reading. The first mother is only thinking about what could be happening if she was not in this current moment and the second one is only thinking about the moment. My presence brought up so much information for me today and I was grateful for listening so deeply. I just kept reiterating silently that everything is happening for a reason. Everything.

    So today I was confronted by an energy that gave me instant pause. This person was actually asked to come by my temporary place to check on some things. They were quiet and very diligent with their work. This was not the problem of course. I spoke politely and clear, yet this person was stern and as hard as concrete during the entire visit. Then came the moment of truth!!! I thanked him for taking time out to take a look a my place. I motioned my hand towards him, and just like that he told me that he is not allowed to shake hands with me. Truth be told, by first reaction was that I may be getting completely PUNKED!!!!Then I caught myself and just let it be after taking a quick internal breathe. I was stopped in my tracks.

     This man told me that he was not allowed to shake hands with me as he was exiting my place. I looked at him strangely and told me that the Mayor does not allow him to shake hands!! I have never heard that in my life!!He was solid with his words and he did not waiver at all. There was something going on there that had nothing to do with me, so I could not give it any power at all.I am still thinking about it, but I have no idea what that was all about. I know that I was being tested in that moment. Was it really that important for me to figure out why he said that? Was something going on inside of me that would lose any sleep because of this? The answers were a resounding no. Its some people's jobs to leave you with the tools to look at yourself. They may be sent to burn you or to enlighten you. Who am I to fight the magic? I had to embrace it. Actually, I did not have to embrace it, but I chose to anyway. I believe without a doubt that there is magic in kindness and polite behavior. If someone treats you well, tell them. If they cannot receive it, that does not mean that you are the culprit. Many times you are just the student and you should just take another note just to better yourself. I think you hear me loud and clear. Don't cheat the system, us it to your advantage. Spill love and compassion everywhere.



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