No Charge My Friend

  We all have talents, gifts, passes to things, connections, open doors, and Carte Blanche situations. These are things that we share or make available to our closest friends and families. So how do we make it available to people? Do we tell them that they are welcome at any time? Do we let them know that only when the time comes up? How do we feel about these privileges and services that we provide through our own resources? Are we willing to share them with friends at no cost? How do these questions affect you..? How would you deal with these situations..?

    I am certain that none of these situations above would have happened properly without the necessary communication. Here is where the rubber meets the road. I believe that any one of us would do something for a great friend. It just goes without saying that in our heart of hearts our friends have access to all that is ours. On the other end of the spectrum,when do you feel taken advantage of in the process? Ask yourself this question and be true to whatever comes up for you.

     Here is the story. I offered my services to a very dear friend. During the initial conversation, my good friend told me that they needed something that I love to do and that I normally charge x amount for depending on the time. This person is very near and dear to me. Initially they asked me about it and told me what they were going to be charged for getting it done. The price was steep, however, most times in life, you get what you pay for. I let her know that I would be much less and that she would have no problem. I remember saying this, my friend does not.

     Here is the core of the story for me. As I saw the disappointment on my good friends face that I was charging her a very low price, I decided that this person really just needed me to help them and that they had already made up their mind that I would follow suit. This was not a difficult decision as this person is such a genuine spirit. It actually made me look inside myself. We all have those times in our lives when we just want to be taken care of and soothed. Its not about anything but that. We all deserve to be eased of some temporary physical, financial, or mental burden  from time to time.

     In closing, my good friend kept asking me if I was angry at them for assuming that I would give them two solid hours for free and just provide what they needed? As we sat over a small lunch that was gifted to me, I kept reassuring them that it was perfectly fine. I felt a burst of calm inside after I was finishing assuring them. Even though, in truth, I am sure that they spent the entire evening laboring over this situation. I read somewhere a long time ago that the purpose in life is to find your gifts and strengthen them, so that one day you may give them away. Today was that day, and I am actually happy that it worked out exactly that way. Life is grand. Keep on showing up..




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