Mustering Up Strength To Soldier On

   My goodness life sure is unpredictable! You can plan, set, look forward to, and even declare that all with go smoothly, but somehow you will be tested. I live my life from a positive viewpoint and I practice it daily. I monitor myself  because my quest and constant attention to my intention is not that of every person. I am not placing myself on a higher plane, I am just declaring the plane that I am on.
   So much effort goes into being responsible for your actions and your attitude. I often watch how others handle adversity on many levels, just to track how I will deal with it when it hits me. So many things have taught me some harsh lessons and they just keep on coming. There is so much that has come our way and so much more that is on the way. So how do we continue to muster up the strength to soldier on?

   One of my best strategies for this is to make light of a seemingly negative or low vibration situation that hangs over us. I mean it doesn't make us any different than anyone else to have challenges, but we do feel our own blows our own way don't we? I tend to look to a very happy and fortunate outcome. I know for a fact that your brain does not know if you are actually in a bad situation or you are just acting like you are. I learned this a very long time ago and then I tested it over and over and over again. The focus to keep feeding my mind soul glowing grow food became a top priority no matter what happened. This eased so much pain from me over time.

   So a few challenges have shown up for me in the last week or so. They are big and small, yet when you come right down to it, they are all manageable and most certainly temporary. See? I have already renamed them and put a title on them with a snap of my finger. Did that last sentence make you think that I have it perfected? I hope not, because I absolutely, positively, do not. I was just letting you now that when I write it or say it to myself many times over, my soul records it and acts accordingly.

   You know what I know for sure though? I know that when I want things to change and I am either not facing or even planning to move in that direction with enough vigor, I get some serious feedback from my gut and my soul. Sometimes its in the form of a few let downs in a row. Other times its how certain words affect me that come out of other peoples mouths. It can even be something that happens to me that challenges me to pull up my game much higher than it was even just last week. No challenges arrive with no purpose. Not even one, not even sometimes. I believe this with every inch of my being.

   So once again, how do you muster up the strength to soldier on? How do you pick up the pieces and carve out a new path? What can you do better tomorrow? What can you cut away so that you can run faster or even slow down a bit more? I find the answers to all of these questions daily and sometimes weekly. Then out of nowhere, the mental geographical map changes and the strategies have to be reworked. Isn't that one of the most challenging things in life? I know you feel me entirely...

    I thank you for being here and reading with so much consistently. I feel you when you are reading. It makes me want to write more and I want to share anything that I feel can reach even just one person. I mean that completely. This blog is where I muster up my strength. Actually it's one of many places, but it is so very important to me. Is something challenging you right now? Breathe, smile, blame no one, make something happen, get dirty with progress. That is what I am doing right now. I am mustering up the strength to soldier on. Side note, I am about to kick my recent challenges in the lower region. Side note #2, I am truly happy and so grateful for all that I have, so just know that. Signing out for now and I send you a huge wave of happiness juice mixed with heart filled compassion. Those are never wasted when offered up to the right people. Peace



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