Listening To The Message

 We are all in such a place of huge transformation. I have listened to so many conversations that deal with our world recently, and I am just concentrating on listening three thousand percent more. There have been so many viewpoints and so many concerns about how we are living and how we will live in the future. So where do you stand? Are you feeling a sense of certainty or a feeling of disarray?Frankly, I know that we will all find resolve sooner or later in our own special way.

    She spoke, this was a woman who was being interviewed while attending a protest at the airport in middle America somewhere. The interviewer asked her some questions that were a bit thought provoking and a little bit just antagonistic all at the same time.I listened intently just to see where he was taking her. I too felt that he was leading her into a thirsty herd of wolves and it became a bit uncomfortable. Then it it!! He was trying to get the point across that she and her friends were actually there without knowing why they were there. He was making a point in a covert and sneaky way that she was just an opportunist who decided to go out and make some noise. The interview went sour and she decided to abruptly end it. I just listened to the message.

    A few days ago I was walking down the street in Upper Manhattan. All of a sudden a woman came around a van screaming at the top of her vocal chords. She was asking the driver of a van to get out of the car so she could have a word with her. Obviously, she wanted to have quite a few words with her. The woman did not get out of the car, but another person, a male, was close by and he softly suggested that she calm down and try another way to resolve this. She quickly told him that he had no jurisdiction of what was happening and that he should step away. He heeded her warning as a small crowd grew to watch an eminent fist fight between two middle aged women. I saw as much as I could while I was still in motion on the way to my destination. I did not intervene. I just listened to the message.

    Yesterday, I was in a camera store. I needed a micro memory card for my camera. This particular store is one of my favorites. The staff is highly knowledgeable on everything that is there. I have had an interaction with a new person each time that I had been there. This time a young man helped me that was once again new for me. I asked him some technical questions so that I could make the best choice possible based on my equipment. He was so caring and so full of knowledge that it was so refreshing. I asked him two questions and it turned into a mini class. As a friend of mine once said, This is the kind of guy that you can leave the baby alone at home with for the entire evening." I made my decision on what card to buy and then we casually spoke some more. This guy didn't miss a beat and at a certain point in the exchange, I just listened to his message.

     In closing, I believe that we all at some point get too wrapped up in the front of a sentiment and not enough into the actual message. I have been guilty of it in the past and now I am more aware of it. We are all carrying our message with us at all times. Some of us carry it on our person instead of on our lips. Others carry it way too much on their lips and should visit silent land more often. Some even keep their massage so hidden for fear that it will be vehemently rejected in a heartbeat. The magic is that each of our messages are so very vital to the whole experience that we are a part of right now. I choose to not speak on politics almost at all because I just enjoy taking it in and being mindful of all that is being said. I don't need to be right about any of it at all. It's showtime!!!!! In other words, no one really needs cable right now. There are more than enough sideshows going on all across America. Use that same money to go and relax in a spa or to take a trip to somewhere warm and peaceful. It will all work out exactly the way that it is supposed to. This I know....Keep listening.



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