Just Like That, He Gave Up

  So there I was waiting for a car sharing service to take me from my storage place to my temporary residence. The app told me that he would be there in 3 minutes. Its is always this quick and that is why I love the service so very much. I had a medium sized container with me, so I was hoping that an SUV would show up and have more room than necessary to take me and my container to my destination.I glanced back at my confirmation and sure enough an SUV was on its way. I had manifested that and I was so happy.

   The app allows you to track the vehicle in real time, so I knew exactly where it was. I knew that it was just around the corner. I knew that it would have to make a U turn because I was on the opposite side of the street. So I decided to call him with the number provided and alert him that he would have to make a sharp left or U turn very shortly at a certain stoplight. He picked up the phone and told me that he was here. I saw him pull over across the street directly diagonally from where I was. The app then told me that he would leave me in 45 seconds if I did not get in the car. He then told me that he could not turn around because of traffic and that he probably was going to cancel the trip.

    In the next few moments, a certain sensation went through my body. It was somewhere between disbelief and frustration.The distance of the turn that he would have had to make to get to me was so small, after the traffic was gone. Unfortunately though, he cancelled my trip and kept driving straight ahead. There was nothing that I could do. The app asked me if I wanted to reserve another car and I did in seconds. My recovery time was instantaneous and I was literally in another car within 4 minutes. This is the magic of NYC accessibility and quickness.

    This situation related directly to people in my opinion. We all know that what takes more work usually makes us stronger and more prepared in the end. However, most people pick comfortability up front and that usually leads to a  very narrow scope of life and/or adventure. This has been my experience as I study myself and those around me. I have not completely mastered this technique. All that I know is that when the going gets tough, running for the hills make the tough seek you out stronger. I have definitely experienced this in my own life.

    In closing, when an actual person gives up on you, I think we have to ask ourselves a very clear question. How much of it has to do with us and how much of it has to do with them? We will never know the exact breakdown of that collective responsibility, but we we will always know one thing for sure. No matter what happens to us, if a certain thing or a person is meant to aid us in our forward motion, it will almost never leave our side. That is one of the mantras that I live by each and every day. That which must get to you will always find a way. Who would have thought that a cancelled car ride would have sparked a blog posting? You know that's how I flow though.....Love yourself more today than you did yesterday. It can do you no harm. Peace



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