It's Time

   Have you ever said that to anyone? This could be in any situation at all. You just know that it's time to go or its time to begin,or even it's time to end something. These are all possibilities in more way than one. When you feel it's time, you can usually say it and it is done. It's all about the pleasure of what will be when it truly is set into motion or the relief of what's to come after something is shut down and no longer active."It's time", sets this all in motion.

    Now we come to how we react in or own bodies when we know that we have to move and get it done. If we are responsible for others and we tell them it's time, will they follow us with no problem at all? I believe a great leader can do that with no resistance at all. As a matter of a fact, he or she can do it multiple times and come out without a scratch. Someone needs to say that it's time and that will never change.

     I have learned that being prepared to say it's time is so very crucial. On the other hand, saying that it's time and then figuring out how to make something happen with vigor is also such a gift if its carried out to the very end and you are victorious.I should also say that many things are carried out to the end that sometimes do not work out as well. Those things also tend to make us stronger in the end.

    One of my favorite sentences in life is, we either change because of desperation or inspiration. I have to constantly remind myself of that over and over again. Whats really funny is that many times I am so very desperate to allow my inspiration to keep going and not stop at a spiritual roadblock. This is also very human and normal, so I don't sit with that for too long. All in all we either make things happen or we don't. I have to keep myself in check with that daily.

    We all know when it's time. The problem is that we have the option of telling ourselves that we can put it off and wait another 5 months or so or maybe even a few years. Then it goes from it's time to it's not time and the excitement ends. I am so certain that we know the exact right time to do most things that I test myself constantly on this practice. My gut always stands up at the right time and it always stays put when that is what is called for too!!

      In closing, this posting was to remind myself that the sky is close to opening up for me in a very strong and life changing way. How could I possibly know this? I feel it, it's alerting me daily. When I wake up in the morning, I hear it almost every day. It's time and there is no doubt in my mind that all will come to the light in due time. Speak it out loud and for sure the universe will hear you. It's time.



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