In Celebration Of One Another


    This is a big topic for me to write about. First and foremost because its one of the things that I love to do the most, but also because I believe that it is one of the most powerful serums on this planet. When we notice brilliance in another person and we actually recognize it outwardly, it can move mountains internally. I have so many examples of this that I could not possibly fit them on this blog in one posting. I am so grateful that these moments have etched their way into permanency in my heart and soul.

    Over the weekend, I went to an amazing event that once again made me proud to be attached to such high energetic and conscious people. The event was entitled, "Celebrate Thy Brother". The name says it all without a doubt. It was a celebration of the black man and all that he does from the top to the bottom. I believe in celebrating all people who add to the human experience, which means all of us. This event was very moving, based on the fact that the black male has had a very tumultuous last few years, well probably more than that. The faces that I saw that were honored were just full of strength, and wisdom, and courage. Some of them were previously incarcerated and now they own their own companies, and have gorgeous families, and are mentoring young people as well as adults.

    I enjoy sitting up front at events because I love to feel the energy up close and personal. I like to feel the people walking past me as they accept their awards. I love to be where the energy originates. I am like that in other places of my life as well. Some of the men broke out into tears. One man could not help but express that he was raised to believe that men should not be soft and say that they loved another man or loved one. He broke down because he knew that he needed to, so he did. I was moved when he told the audience that he told his brother that he loved him recently as he walked out of a door. He also said that his brother turned around and came right back and was stunned.

     There was another woman who brought her son to the even just to see what a strong black man looked like and how it was possible for him to grow in to one himself. She proudly spoke of him and what a great big brother he was and how she makes sure to tell him how strong he is as much as possible. The sentiments and the gems of thought were whipping around the room like a cross breeze on a hot summers day. It was however, brick cold outside that evening. This was more than worth it...

     One of the most moving stories of the evening was when the founder of this movement brought her father up to the stage to honor him. His story was that of a man who was born with sight and then lost it at a later age. I had a particular connection with this man. I have never been bind, but he had a swag about him and he is married to a woman who is also blind. She loves to hear about how things looked and he just likes to be where he is right now in the present moment. His confidence was so real and his posture was on point. If he could glide through life like this without sight, what are we with our full facilities capable of each and every day. He inspired me so very much.

     In closing, please look up the name Sheneese Starr online. I want to make sure that you all know this amazing force of a human being that I call my dear and deeply powerful friend. I would go to the wall for her. What an incredible example of how one person can lift up humankind each and every day. I support you Queen...Thank you all for being here...



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