Have You Been There And Done That?

     I love to hear stories about others along their journey. We are all experiencing different things and we all deal with them in very different ways. This posting was sparked by a conversation that I had today. Sometimes I hear one sentence and it inspires  me to write an entire blog.  This particular sentence made me stop and think and then I saved it for tonight.

     The conversation was about counseling and why some couples go together and why sometimes only one of the two go? Then I thought to myself that I have never been to counseling in my entire life. It is said by quite a few people that everyone could use a good counselor or therapist. I mean just to have that person to exchange ideas with and just flow cant be bad for anyone right?

      So the statement that pushed me into a pensive place was when I heard them say that they needed a counselor or therapist that they could also ask questions about their life as well. Meaning they couldn't have sessions with someone unless they knew that they had been in the same place at one time or another. I saw that as a very tall order for many obvious reasons. So when you have been there and done that, does that make it easier for you to resolve an issue or to connect with a another energy who has the same issue? Only you can decide that answer.

      When I hear people say that they have been there and done that, I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that they have only had their own experience and are not necessarily qualified to say anything that could bruise or scrape another human being.  Ahhhhh alas the sleep monster is calling me. I will  finish this up tomorrow. So much more to say. Knock it out whatever you do. I support you..



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