Have You Been There And Done That (Part 2)

   When people say that they have been there and done that, does it mean that there are no more lessons to learn? Can anything else fit into their minds? I know that some of the same things have happened to me me in my life more than once. If you have been there and done that, chances are that you will in one way or another have to use the information for the next thing that comes along. So I guess it's a sort of a lesson that stays close to your consciousness until you need it.

    Yesterday I wrote about the connection of a person to their therapist and how my good friend told me that me that they needed to know that a person had been through what they were counseling them on before he could move forward. This made me think about the way that we are sometimes given great advice from people who are just open and honest. Their heart and soul just want to connect and be of Sean's make things happen.

      I truly believe that almost all experiences can be recycled in one way or another. I know that I love to kiss, but I also know that no two women have ever kissed me the same in my entire life. I also know that if our spirits are still being challenged, then we have not "gotten" it yet. I generally feel that our every move is plotted from deep in our guts. So we may say that we have been there and done that, yet we feel more like we spin there and try to run that. Can you relate?? I hope I reached you..Slumber in peace or wake with grace..



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