Fessing Up To The Fib Or Mistake

 Let me start out this posting by making it abundantly clear that I am not without fault as I propel myself through this magnificent ride that we call life. I pose questions to get minds moving and souls to loosen up a bit. In the process of doing this I find out more about myself and how I can be stronger, more fluid, less sensitive to stupid, and foolish reactions, and most of all more open to the present. Always remember that this blog is about all of us. You don't have to identify with any of these posts, but I assure you that somewhere in between these sentences, you will at least once see or feel yourself in a sentence. If that happens even once, I am overjoyed and super revved up about it.

  So in life people lie. It's not a mystery and it will never be any different. I believe that people plant untruths for so many reasons. However, if I had to pinpoint one master mother ship reason why its done, it would be to appear clean, non attached to things that make us look bad, and lastly to maintain our outer image. At least the one that we think we are offering to the world. The funny thing is that people generally think what they think about us whether we lie to them or not. We are the ones that carry the heaviest load when we lie.

   Then there are those times when we make a mistake. It could be anything from breaking a glass to really losing our temper beyond measure. When we make a mistake and hurt others, it does not feel good at all. As I always say, because I was taught this by my father, you never know where a person was before they come into contact with you. Therefore, the slightest thing could set someone off into a place that is totally unrecognizable to you. It does not matter if your intentions were golden, they will take it as if you had shoved a dagger into their heart. But on the off chance that you made a mistake, could you admit it and accept it so that things can return to balance?

   So there is the lie and there is the mistake. Can a person lie by mistake? I am going to go with probably not. I say this because although the temptation may arise to lie, we always know when we set it free right? The harsh reality is that we all get tested. In those moments when we think that we are going to do better by lying than we would by telling the truth, we generally still have to carry that weight. On the other hand, mistakes can happen more often. For example, sending a text to the wrong person, or maybe even making time for people that you really didn't want to be with at all from the beginning. If either one of those were a mistake, would you fess up to it?

   To really get to the meat on the bone, It takes so much for a person to admit a mistake or to admit to a lie. I wish that more people could just admit that we are having a very similar experience and we all get challenged from time to time. There are not perfect beings in existence.We should all open up a bit and give people a few passes here and there. In my opinion, those who judge the most have the most to hide. So lets hide less, Let's go deeper and fly higher. Lies can hurt and mistakes happen. Keep being human. Actually, you have no choice. Your only choice is what kind of human will you be? I am here and I got your back for sure. I am down the road. Peace



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