Do You Wonder?

Do you wonder if something that you said landed the wrong way?
Do you wonder if you are moving in the right direction?
Do you wonder if you are sending the right signals out into the world?
Do you wonder how it must feel inside of the minds of certain people?
Do you wonder what you look like in the eyes of others?
Do you wonder if your mind is telling you the truth when it speaks to you?
Do you wonder if your journey has been right on track?
Do you wonder if your limits are all just made up and you are just halting for nothing?
Do you wonder if he/she loves you or not?
Do you wonder why people are sometimes more afraid of you when you love them the right way?
Do you wonder if people want to be upfront and real but then decide not to?
Do you find that your filter needs to loosen up a bit and shoot some hard bullets?
Do you wonder how many people wonder way too much instead of doing?

I guess you probably do. I am just taking a leap of assumption here.
Wondering is free. Wandering has a price though. However, it's worth every penny..
Keep elevating..



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