Dissecting A Relationship

  None of us would deny that there is most certainly magic in a relationship. If you close your eyes you can remember how your fondest relationship began with almost no difficulty at all. In many cases, you can recall how the room felt, what the person smelled like, and even what they were wearing. I believe that our minds store all of this information perfectly. It is these moments that build the foundation for what inevitably becomes a journey of smiles. bliss, weightlessness, and most importantly love. The question is, do we also remember the moment when it started to go the other way?

   One of my closest friends and I were speaking at length today about his marriage. The major theme of the conversation was that he was not getting any love and affection. I pondered this in a serious way and asked him some more questions. After exchanging some deep thoughts between the two of us, I realized that he was not giving any more to his situation because he claimed that he needed to get to give back. That was when we went deeper and I felt his true love for his wife. Anger and expectation are always such killers of the strongest power on earth. That power being love, of course. He flat out told me that he loved his wife and that if she would just show him some love and affection all would be so much better.

    I thought of what was going on in her head? How did she lose her balance? What was she contributing? This could not be one sided under any circumstances. I treaded lightly through the rest of the conversation because I have never been married and my scope of this on a higher level is non existent. However, we carried on and went back and forth, mostly forth as it relates to a resolution, or should I say I new path of understanding.

    What moved me most about the conversation wasn't the conflict, it was the willingness of my good friend to realize that waiting to get before you give is a huge death wish on many levels. My gut told me to tell him that he couldn't solve this with anger and waiting for a certain behavior. He can only solve it with love. Its unfortunate that we don't always get love when we give it, however, if you give it from the heart and its truly the vibration that you are in, you will feel it when it is authentically reflected back at you.

     In closing, I am in no way, shape, or form an expert on love. I am just ferociously curious and steadfast in my quest to understand energies and the vibrations between people who express not only love, but discord as well. Our conversation was a fruitful one today. He offered all of the information about his situation to me without me asking and I offered my best guidance minus any judgment or full proof solutions. I had to leave the call and he asked if I could call back when I was on the road. I had an appointment to travel to. When I called him back, he was unavailable. Yet and still,  I believe that we truly galvanized each other. These moments are so magical for the soul. I am grateful to have been at the right place at the right time. Life is good. Keep reaching because you can. You got this..



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