Detail Watch And Recall

  Some days I see too many things that make me think. No that you probably don't know this already. It goes with out saying that I truly love the details in life. At times it is a bit too much for my brain. I even wish that I was able to filter this behavior at times. On the other hand, I would rather experience more of life than miss too many things that could possibly get me closer to some of life's pressing curiosities.

   I used three public bathrooms today and each one of them were quite old. Interestingly enough, all of them had busted covers that could have easily been fixed. Who knows how many times they each had been lifted up and down? I just thought to myself why couldn't someone take the time to fix such a simple thing for such an essential and extremely personal piece of porcelain machinery? I guess that is out of my hands.

   Next, I met with a wonderful couple today. I will be providing music for the man's 70th birthday party. I am unfortunately not going to be able to make it, however, I will give them the best band that I could possibly put together.While we sat and pushed many concepts around, an older woman came in. She sat at the next table and my friends greeted her. They told me that she lived upstairs and that she comes down every night for dinner in this very quaint and cozy place. When the man greeted her as she sat down, she did not reply. So he looked at me and motioned with his hand that she was possibly a little hard of hearing. Some time had gone by and we were deeply immersed in our conversation. Just then out of the blue, this lovely woman said hello and just let him know that she had heard him earlier. She told him that she just needed to get settled. I just got a kick out of that!! She never spoke again while I was there, however, each time I would sneak a quick peak at her, she was staring at me and listening intently to our conversation. As I exited the restaurant before my friends, I thought it would be nice to wish her a good evening. I looked over at her and she quickly looked down!! Hilarious!! Loved that moment.

   I was going through the ever present subway turnstile today. I slid the card through once, twice, and then a third time. Each time I did it, a read out came up to slide it through again. I could not enter the train because the card was malfunctioning.So I stopped and took a deep breath and then I realized that the bag that I was carrying had magnets in the lining to keep the bag closed. There and then I thought that I had demagnetized the card. Then something told me to keep on trying so I started back once more time, which turned into 8 more times slowly and deliberately. I told myself that I would get in without walking back upstairs and around to the other entrance to get a new card. After the 15th or 16th time, the card let me through. Was it the card or my declaration to get through despite the odds that were seemingly against me? Process that..

   Lastly, I was reading an amazing book today called, "Developing The Leader Within You" by John C Maxwell. I jotted down a couple of gems that I want to share with you:

He who seeks one thing, and but one,
May hope to achieve it before life is done.
But he who seeks all things wherever he goes
Must reap around him in whatever he sows
A harvest of barren regret.        
                      -William H Henson

" An infant is born with a clenched fist; a man dies with an open hand."

Also, do you know  the reason an animal trainer carries a stool when they go into a cage of lions?
This was one of my favorite answers to a question such as this.
The answer was that he holds the stool by the back and thrusts the legs toward the face of the animal for a very simple and clear reason. The animal tries to focus on all four legs at once. In the attempt to focus on all four, a kind of paralysis overwhelms the animal, and it becomes tame, weak, and disabled because its attention is fragmented. Sound like anyone you know?
The section was called, "Too Many Priorities Paralyze Us."
I sure needed to hear that today.

Steele Greye OUT!!!




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