Clearing The Air / A New Era

  We are living in a very volatile time. So many things are changing so abruptly that we are all having to make very swift mental adjustments. I am sure that if you asked thousands of people if they would rather fight or make things better, most people would probably say that they want peace. The issue is that most people seem to be so used to holding on to their stances on certain issues or their grudges against those who have done them wrong. I have never met one person in my life that has sustained anger against any person, place, or thing, that is healthy, vibrant and free of low vibrations that take residency in their soul.

    This entry was stimulated by a certain well known celebrity who decided to go and meet with President Elect......So anyway, this person was massively criticized by his peers. I am choosing to not name him because the actual story is what makes me raise my eyebrows a little bit. There are so many opinions going around about everything right now, however, the one thing that remains clear is that on some level, each of us needs all of us. So no matter what happens in life, we will all need the guidance or direction from an unlikely human being at some point during a crucial moment. Actually, any moment can seem not so colossal to you, but hugely important to the next person. Sit with that for a moment.

    Probably the most difficult thing to do as a human being is to place your proverbial mental shot gun on the ground and just be vulnerable and loving instead. What does it take to actually do that fully? I can only take a guess that at its deepest level its really difficult. I heard one side say that it was not necessary at all to go and speak with this man. Then the other side asks, how can we go forward if we do not sit down and get through all of our differences face to face? Everyone is entitled to their opinions and I cannot criticize either side. I do have my own viewpoints though.

     As we enter a new era this week all will be revealed. Of course it won't all be decided in a week, but the climate will begin to change and reshape. I feel hopeful that all will settle into a nice and comfortable place. I have been telling all of my closest friends that all we have to do is just keep showing up for each other and of course for what we most wholeheartedly believe in as human beings. One man cannot just flick a switch and turn everything on a dime. We are still responsible for all of our actions. Racism, greed, cruelty, injustice, and any other challenges that we are encountering will always have a little basement apartment in our worlds.I truly believe that we need something to keep us in focus at all times. The magic in this moment right now is that if things are expected to become a bit murky, then we can turn the lights on brighter, step outside of our comfort zones a bit wider, ask more intelligent and compassionate questions, and most of all, keep love in direct focus as it relates to everything. If ever there was a time to step up and be your best self, it is right now. Onward and exploding outward in the best way possible. Peace



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