Cells Up, Heads Down

  I forgot to bring my cell charger with me today when I left home. I didn't realize that I had done it until my phone was very low on battery.I was inside working on a project for a client of mine and then it just died. I have to admit, I was more productive the rest of the day because there was nothing for me to do but focus on what I was doing. Truthfully speaking, I have done this on purpose a few days a month in the past. I have not done it in a very long time though. I had forgotten how centered it makes you as it relates to just walking with your head up and noticing everything. In a city like New York, that's like having a million crayons right in front of your face and not knowing which one to write with first.

   From my experience speaking with people about what NY does to them, I can comfortably say that it mostly sends people's brains into overload. It's almost always too much all of the time. These comments are usually said while constantly using their phones. So can you imagine what it would be like if they were not on them? Could their minds handle the strength of this city without a cell phone?
Well, I can honestly say that most of them don't know the answer to that question because their cells are connected to them just like their right and left hands.

    So there I was entering the train with a dead phone for the first time in a very long time. I looked across the train immediately and guess what I saw? I counted the entire right side of the train at about 18 people more or less. 16 were on their phone. I cannot make this stuff up. Each person was unique in their, style, height, nationality, and aura. However, the one thing that was completely the same is that not one of them was looking up. I could have pulled my pants down to the floor and they would have all missed it. By the way, did you know that there is a thing or should I say a day called "The No Pants Subway Ride?" It happens in January every year. On this day, people ride almost all of the subway lines wearing just underwear. No pants!! All ages, sizes, and nationalities. Look it up. I digress.

     There was an empty seat after the next stop, so I took it. As I sat down, I saw a quarter next to my left foot. So I picked it up and expressed my gratefulness for finding it. I do this every time I find a coin of any amount. I peaked to my right and the girl next to me was taking a selfie of herself to post on Instagram. I was careful not to be caught looking at her screen.It was worth the risk. Then in true NYC form, a performing duo came on and entertained us. It was a short show, however, there were no tips rendered. I appreciate all performers though. It takes more than guts to perform on the NYC train, believe that.

      In closing, with the state of our country right now and all, its pays to look up. We will be on our phones quite a bit, this I know for sure. Presently, I am challenging myself to use my phone 40% less daily. How do I do this, you might ask? I have points in the day when I don't look at my phone unless it rings or I absolutely have to make a call. If I am on the train, I am a voracious reader. I have ingested more stories and personal development on the train than in any other place in this city. It's my time to feed my brain and to detach a little bit more. I have missed my stop a few times too, just to keep it real. Ha!!Today the cells were up and the heads were down. I had fun watching everyone and they will probably never know that I was watching them. and that is just fine. We all need someone to be looking out for us don't we? Observation is magic and cell phones......? Well, I will let you decide how much talk time you need on your own. I won't judge. Just pick it up when I call you, cool? Enjoy this day whether its beginning or ending for you. Always remember that if you bite off more than you can chew, you can always give it to someone who has nothing to eat. Sit with that for a moment. It's all love...



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