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Speaking In Their Language

I love to listen, speak, and even sing in other languages. There is something special about hearing your voice communicate in another language. There are so many ways to express the things that we need to say and by learning other languages, the world is open to us.

    Today I had the pleasure of speaking in three languages. I spoke in Italian, Spanish, and English. Firstly, I noticed a small family on the corner of a very busy upper west side intersection. They were spinning around a little bit and speaking in a way that I could clearly understand. Quite simply, they were looking for Central Park. Now I can only assume that they did not look at me and think that there was any way that i spoke their language. My heart raced because i felt that at any moment they could ask me for help. I of course was seconds away from opening the conversation and just asking them in Italian if I could help them. However, right before I did, the mother of the family asked me in English what direct…

Who Propels You?

I have some ridiculously powerful people in my life. They are from far and near, black and white, short and tall, loud and quiet, and most of all, wildly curious about life. These are people that I have met and been close to for many years. No matter where I have gone on my many travels, these people have kept in touch with me and I have kept close to them as well. I can tell you with the utmost certainty that there is an incredible connection between us that humbles me every day.

    Tonight I received an email, well a few emails from my good friend that I have mentioned so many times in my posts over the years. He takes time out of his day many times over the years, just to feed me new music and videos and even history about some of the most prolific entertainers in the world. He has been doing this since 1996. Let me be clear about what i just wrote. Since I met this man, he has given me so much information and so much of his soul, that I know I can never truly repay him or show…

Intention Vs. Delivery

I will start out today by writing that I truly believe that human beings start out with the best of intentions. Why would anyone want to hurt another human being? Well, of course a great answer is that they have been hurt over and over again, so its natural for them to hurt back at the drop of a hat. I think we all know how prevalent that is. The intention always seems to extend from the place of reference. When I tell you that this has become so clear to me as the years roll on, I really mean it. We cannot control the source of another person's pain, but we can keep our intention balanced so that we do not scar anyone.

   For years I had questioned my own intentions as it relates to the people around me and how i navigate through different situations and conversations. I care how I am received almost across the board and I am careful how I load my rifle of words that can easily shoot deep holes into the wrong target. When it does happen though, I want to make good and review i…

The Full Circle Inspiration

This has been a year of some of the most tragic deaths and it really brings about some emotions within me that are actually useful. As a child, Prince, Michael, Bowie, and George Michael, all helped me to realize my passion for using my voice. They were all over MTV and they all permeated my inner being in a massive way. They showed their style without an apologies and without any hesitation. I did not realize at the time that the power form these men would change my life. All I know is that they got inside me and never left.

    After each one of these super stars left us in their physical form, I had to take some time for myself to asks myself what each of them meant to me and how I am carrying them around with me daily? The answers are many, the sensations are deeply rooted. These men were or are just human beings who were on a path that left a legacy that will live on forever. I make it a point to not ever put them on a level that makes them infallible, or not human. I do howev…