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'Tis The Reason

I love NY in the winter time. People are feeling lighter, or so it seems. I know how it feels to be in a cold temperature as well as a hot one during the holidays and I love them both for different reasons. The snow is not here, but the tons of tourists are and they are not letting up for anyone. As I walked the streets today, just the conversations were priceless. This person talking to that person about sizes, colors, sales, and everything in between.

    The holidays send a vibration of togetherness through everyone body in my opinion. I have to also mention that there are also people that are dealing with hardship during this time. Whether it's having lost a loved one during this time or even experiencing a break up or what have you. I still think that the holidays send light out to most people. The lights, the ringing bells,  the simulated snow in the display windows, and of course, the occasional Santa.

     When I break it down in my mind, the major holidays are all abo…

Affirmation Of Support

It's amazing how many things need affirming in today's world. You can ask people to do something for you for you, or make a payment somewhere, or even just book a flight to a grand place.  There is just something about hear that is confirmed and there is also something about a person affirming anything that has to do with you. We all love the act of affirmation.

   I finally connected with someone today that has been struggling for a while. I wound love to say that I have left them alone all of this time, but I have not.  I reached out and got nothing many times in a row, however, I was victorious today. The connection was great and I was relieved that my friend was safe and in a calm state. Well maybe not calm but, not in harms way. I let them now that I had always been here for them and they affirmed that I was a true friend without a doubt.

    There are many people that need loads of affirmation to stay above water.  I am not saying that this is good or bad, however, I…

Being Here 2

I am present this evening.
I am blessed again in so many ways.
I was given the gift of a show on Broadway.
I was reminded to day that every little bit helps when giving to others.
You are part of my journey.
You are integral in my journey.
You matter to me even if I don't know you.
You are experiencing something right now as you read this that only you can feel.

                                                Thank you.


Being Here

Every now and then I speak to certain people and they give me pause after certain things come out of their mouths. I guess it actually happens quite a bit, but I don't stop and marinate in it long enough to really let it sink in. Life moves so swiftly and the moments slip by like raindrops on a window sill. The magic moments are when the moments are not lost and you are able to let the shiny residue sparkle and be seen.

    You know by now that my magic moments come from my interactions with many high vibrating souls that I make sure to brush up against as much as possible. I actually to believe that I brush up against them at the right times too. I mean once certain things happen over and over again, you can be confident in knowing that you set the tone for allowing it to be there no matter what....To be continued...