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Making Room To The Left

What if we took the time to make it easier for others to get somewhere quicker than us if we knew we wanted to go slower than them? Where does this come from? Well, when you ride on the NYC subway and you are going up an escalator, most people move to the right. The left side is for people who are moving fast and want to get to the top quicker.  I don't know who started this, but it's simple and very useful.

     The energy behind this simple gesture is truly magic. It shows that we can all do our part to make life a bit happier. What if people at hospitals let others with more seriously problems go for treatment. What if you gave your parking ticket to the next person as they pulled into the spot and then they stayed a full 45 minutes on the time that you didn't use? I think you get my drift.

     I love to see people working together and helping each other in the process. That escalator thing that I see almost everyday makes me happy. It's so simple and seemingly…

The Social Network Disease

We are living in a time that is completely flooded with social networks and people are truly getting swallowed by it more and more each day. I am having fewer and fewer conversations face to face and people are actually telling me to just text them. This is true across the board of every style of social network that you can think of all over the world.

   I heard a song today by one of my favorite artists, Erykah Badu. The song was entitled "Phone Down." The concept is obvious and very hard to do for most people. She says in the song that she can make you put your phone down. I like that concept in a big way. Let me be clear about this though, I work every day to keep my phone out of my hands more and more. I feel like some of the juicy parts of life are slipping by at times and i want to ingest more of them.

   Today as I was thinking about this concept I decided to do something that is truly uncommon these days, I wrote a letter. To be fair, I had planned to write this l…

Powerful Relationships / An Unlikely Conversation

One of the reasons why I love watching or listening to conversations with diverse people is that I always leave with something that percolates in my brain, and it is usually something that I needed to hear. I stumbled upon a talk on YouTube between Sarah Jessica Parker, Trevor Noah, Morgan Spurlock, Chelsea Handler, and Juliana Margulies. There were so many gems in this conversation that I was just beside myself when it was done. The topic was "The Best Relationships". I was caught off guard because so much of what they spoke of was a part of my life in one way or another.

   These people are all in the entertainment business and they all have very different lives. One question was what is your most important relationship? What a question. I was reminded that people all serve us in different ways. Like some people will call you back the same day every time, while others may take three weeks to return the call and that's just how it is. Recently, I reached out to someo…

Just Some NYC Moments....

Ah yes, the moments that make this city the magic that it is. I wanted to give you some insight into what I see, hear, and feel on this great island. I love the smallest things that go on right in front of me each and every day. These are things that are so entertaining that you really do not need cable or Broadway for that matter. Just walk the streets and keep your eyes and ears open. There is enough entertainment here for everyone.

    So first up is the presence of rats here in NYC and how people deal with them. If you see a tourist at any point of the day and a rat is going by, they usually make it known that they are pretty much traumatized beyond belief.  However, a New Yorker just changes direction or just stops and lets it go by. I have seen more rats in my lifetime than I can explain. Today a woman saw a rat walking in her path and as she stopped, it walked over her shoe. It was a classic moment. She was so in control and barely spoke. She took a deep breath and let it ha…

As The Signals Get Louder

Some situations in life can be cloudy to say the very least. You know when things seem as though they are just fine and then you feel a certain yanking in your gut? This situation can fall under business or personal, so do not think that it discriminates ever. Fortunately this one falls under business. I believe that some of us are meant to create things and others are meant to survive within the confines of something that is already created.

    We exist in a world that has a many possibilities for each and every one of us, should we choose to capitalize on just one when our gut tells us to strike and take advantage of it. The rub is this, what if we never answer the gut call? We are always getting signals and we are always going to get them. This is my belief anyway. So when do we strike? When do we hold off? When do we know for sure?

     Picture this. You are in a room and there is a tone that shoots through the room. It starts out very low and at the end of the night it is e…