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The Opportunity To Do More

I did not realize this until I was more mature, but I see now that my parents were always striving to do more. That includes, being more as individuals, doing more that is expected on a particular task, and giving more than a person expects you too. I bring this up because recently I seem to hear people decline doing more and decide to do just enough. Each one of us has the opportunity to do more and when we do it feels awesome. Well it does to me anyway. I cannot speak for everyone.

  About three days ago I heard a musician say that she is doing just enough to get through the gig. She was so set on this mind set because a particular person had done her wrong and she was going to make him suffer for it. I thought about her plan and right away I realized that she was swallowing her own poison.Then I got a text from a true gem if a friend that just wanted to let me know that they were sending me positive energy. That was magical to me because it had no agenda or ulterior motive. To re…

Master Engagers

Living in NYC you get to see so many kinds of people. It does not matter where you are at any point of the day, you will see something that bends your brain a little bit. The thing is that different things move different people. I am fascinated my those who engage others. I am an engager for sure. I love to interact with people just to see what they shoot back at me. But from time to time, I meet a similar energy to mine and it gets really interesting. Actually it gets extremely comfortable because I don't have to carry all of the weight in the conversation.

  I find that when I write on the train, people tend to look at me or begin speaking to me. That does not make sense on the surface, but it really does happen to me. The truth is that I can't be sure why it happens.  Could it be because people want to know what I am writing or maybe they can't understand how I can write on an unstable train? Who knows?

   Today as I wrote song lyrics on a train ride, two woman  ente…

In Praise Of Those With Skills

In short, I love to do things. Anything that involves some sort of creation, repair, or bringing back to fully operational, feeds me intensely. One of my favorite things to talk about or know more about is clothing or more specifically sewing clothing. I have some basic sewing skills, however, I am about to take them to the next level. I have noticed over the last five years that it is true that we manifest what we think about the most. I kept telling myself that I need to take a sewing course and get better at one of my favorite fascinations. Well guess what happened since then? I found a classic sewing machine next to a garbage can quasi hidden inside a wooden table. Then I was given one by a friend that was moving. Then I was given yet another one by a friend who was getting rid of one. Coincidence? I think not. I have three strong machines and they are calling out to me.

   There is a place in Lower Manhattan that I go to for on the spot alterations. They are such nice people an…