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The Men Are So Much Better Here

That's what I heard come out of a woman's mouth as she waited behind me to use a public bathroom this afternoon. She was clearly from the south by the sound of her accent and she was an attractive and vibrant woman. Her girlfriend was on the other line and she was telling her how cheap things are in Chinatown and also how tired she was from shopping all day. When the door opened up and looked back and asked her to go before me. She declined and told me that it would be in my best interest to go before her. I was not exactly sure what she meant by that. It could have gone many ways.

  As I walked away I thought about the different ways that we are all looked at based on where we come from, what we say, how we dress, and so on and so forth. Are men from NYC so much better than other places in the world? Did she meet thousands of men this week and so she is absolutely certain that we are the best of the best? Well, I am sure that you would agree that the chances of that being t…

Simply Put

Stay strong.
    Be yourself.
    Mistakes produce magic...
    Love yourself.


Handling A Tough Day

When the day does not go your way, what do you do? If you encounter people who have an agenda that is toxic, where do you go? When you feel that certain energy that hits you in a very uncomfortable way, which direction do you turn in? Your answers will most certainly be unique to your own character and that is totally a normal thing. I have my own answers as well.

   Today I was challenged, My challenge came in the form of a person and then in the form pf a situation. Both of these things were completely out of my control, so I was given the invitation to watch how I dealt with each one. Firstly was a woman who is clearly in the service business who treated me like she was in the cattle business. I was not on her radar as I entered, she treated me as if she was doing me a favor. I listened as long as I had to, however I did not receive her treatment in my soul. I let it pass through me like a sharp bone on a chicken wing. That's right, it felt uncomfortable at first, but then it…

Tonality Transfer

I was deep in a conversation and I could feel it slipping away. I was being heard and I was hearing the person who was talking on the other line, however, one thing made the exchange a bit challenging. This thing is the one thing that can turn any conversation on its side immediately, the tonality. We all have been there and we will all most likely have a few run ins with this little snag in the future. In my heart of hearts, I truly believe that every human being starts from a place of good intention. It's just that when one side delivers a questionable tone, someone has to take responsibility.

   This transfer began with a text. If I have said this once, I have said it 4000 times, there are no inflections in a text. Wherever you are when you read the text is how you receive it. I have learned this time and time again. i also realized later on that when I wrote the letters"asap", they came out in capitals without me realizing it at all. I believe that this may have l…

Longer Than You Think / How Many People Can You Compliment?

One of the most consistent lessons in my life has been that most things, if not all things take longer than you think they will. I am a planner and I am very punctual as well. However, these things fly right out the window when it comes to the unknown. Now I can arrive on time and then the people who are in charge or that are running an event or a screening or what  have you could start and hour later. I can also plan to be with a student of mine for a complete hour and then they arrive late and that hour becomes 35 minutes. My students lose time when they are late actually. They only get the time allotted for that hour. In that case, it makes them think about being late in the future.

   Anyhow, how many times have you planned to do a project and put a time limit on it, say 2 hours? Then you get 4 phone calls, the doorbell rings, and you forgot that you had to look for some strange thing that you had lost right before the project started. My point is that we cannot control the ele…