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The Giving Of Thanks

I am always so thankful and full of inner emotion during the holidays. Its just nice to be with those you love under any circumstances no matter what. As I matured, I realized that holidays had so many perspectives the more people you spoke to, so i just broke it down to being grateful and sharing love. With the current climate of our country right now, I wish that we had a weekly Thanksgiving. We sure could use it in a big way.

   The word thanks has one vowel. The rest of it is straight consonants. I liken this to us as human beings. It only takes one person to give thanks and it spreads like a wild brushfire. However, without that one special vowel, which just so happens to the beginning of the alphabet, that word would not be possible. I take the word thanks very seriously because it mean that you have connected with another energy that has taken the time to recognize you and to receive it properly.

   I feel that holidays are way too commercial and push people to feel guilty i…

The Synergy Between Two

You know them and they know you.
  They have shown you their actions and exposed their soul.
  There are no blurred lines, only obvious intention.
  Even the things that they do that you do not like, you accept.

   When you are away from them, they are still there.
   The residue of their aura never leaves you no matter what
   It seems that their heart beats in tandem with yours continually.
   This is not a mystery, its the synergy between two

   Did you do all that you planned to with them?
   Was your heart fully open?
   Did you show up authentically and vulnerable?
   Would they say that they you bared your soul?

   Truth is we leave some of ourselves with every person.
   With some we leave a bundle more.
   It's like we plant a seed on purpose.
   This is the synergy between two.

   There is a purpose and a focus that is allowed to run wild.
   The rush of blood through their veins is like an Olympic sprinter.
   There is no facade, only the moment that is now.
   They …

Wearing Out The Open Invitation

This title deserves an explanation right up front for sure. I will keep it very simple so as not to confuse anyone. We all have friends in our lives that we would do anything for if they need us. I love the expression that your best friends will always either help you move, come and get you from the airport, or come and either get you out of jail or visit you frequently if you have to stay there for an extended time. You can connect each one of those scenarios to similar life situations that carry the same depth and ask yourself who you would go to those lengths for at the drop of a hat.

   So I listened today as a friend expressed major frustration about a person who seemed to develop a certain entitlement with things being done for them. Now listen, we do everything that we do for others for the basic reason that we want to. However, there is another side to this too. I believe that the other mentality is that people do things to stockpile favors so that they can expect reciprocat…

Watching Them As The Day Began

I am not a consistent early riser, however I really enjoy getting up early and getting things done way before the day is in full swing. Today was a day that I show up for my coop shift where I do manual labor and all sorts for random duties. I did a few things today that were a little different than usual and it was still cool in the end.

    As we approach Thanksgiving, I was given the job of Turkey Runner. This means that I just kept them organized and helped people find certain weights of turkey and gave them what information I had on where they came from and how much they were. It was way outside of the box for me as I do not eat turkey, however, I had such a great time connecting with the people. On top of that, I ran into the 4 or 5 people who I consider to be my core individuals today and they all greeted me with such warmth and love. I was really moved by this.

   So this was all an introduction or a pre story to why I wrote this posting. As I rode that train at about 6 a…