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Sharing Knowledge

I gave a very satisfying lesson today. It makes me beyond elated to share my musical knowledge with another person and to watch their joy in understanding what I am offering them from my own experience. I use many analogies that connect with everyday life as well as breaking things down into very small concepts. Its interesting because I have had quite a few teachers in my life as it relates to music and they have all had a completely different style.

  What fascinates me the most is that the teachings that are coming out of my mouth are coming from a place that is somewhere deep inside of me that I didn't fully realize I had. You know those moments when you are talking about a subject or even just recalling an experience and you have so much more to say than you thought you did? That happens to me more and more each time I teach a lesson. Its like I go in with some things on my mind that I want to transmit to the student and then it turns into so much more. Truth be told, I a…

AJ And The Yoga Dancing Goddess

Sooooooooooooo. That was on purpose. As I was walking through Soho last week, I had a very heart opening 30 minutes or so. I walked a different way as I do many times, just to have a unique experience on a street that i may not be familiar with already. Each and every time that I do this, something happens or I discover a new something or other.

   On this day I walked a few random blocks that took me on a slight detour from my destination and found myself in front of a very well known yoga studio. I decided to go in because I had never actually been inside. I actually walked into the store and front desk area. I found out later that classes took place on another level. As I walked in, I immediately recognized the young man that worked there! He was very fit as he always is, so very polite and well spoken, and lastly one of the most androgynous men I have ever seen in my entire life. This guy could wear a skirt as easily as he could wear jeans and a t shirt, and both looks made him…

Things We Hold Onto

I wrote a blog on this quite some time ago in a different way. Today these feeling come up again as I am closer than every to getting rid of my storage spaces after a very tough move many months ago. Over the course of our lives, we amass so many things from so many people and so many places. I really believe that each and every one of us has to be very careful how much we actually carry around with us on our journey. Although I would never tell anyone what to keep and what to let go, I will say this, if it doesn't excite you or hold a very special place in your heart for deep sentimental reasons, let it go.

  As I looked at things that I had not used in quite sometime, I really got clear as to how they were serving me and why I had held on to them for so long. Some things have just been literally with me for 10 years and I have only used them or made use of them a few times. It's not the end of the world or anything that will stop time, but it just makes me feel lighter ove…

A Goals Introspective

I have been thinking, researching, and working on the many ways to keep up with my goals since I was at least 19. I have read books, listened to audios, and even heard live speakers go deep into the subject. I can say that the subject is not really the most comfortable for the majority of human beings. Why would that be do you think? I guess there are a number of valid reasons that are of course unique to each individual.

   Today during my daily personal development audio session, I was once again given some gems on this topic. The one thing that stuck in my mind was when he said that his mentor agreed to work with him, and then asked him to show him his list of goals. When he replied that he did not have a list of goals, he told him that if he did not have a list of goals that he could guess how much money he had in his account within $100 dollars. Now of course goals are not just about money at all. He was just making a point that really hit home for me. It's strange, but so…

I Like Your Smile

Has anyone ever told you that they like your smile? This statement has always brought joy to me from the time that I was a very young boy. It has been uttered to me and around me ever since I can remember. I guess I enjoy it because it shows that another person notices something that you may have missed that is actually an asset to your well being. In other words, we all could all use a bit of outside verbal magic.

   I also love this sentence because I find that what seems to be our weakness or not our own particular strengths are actually the things that people regard as our strengths. We all see different things in one another no matter how we slice it. I love that about life in general.

   When I was younger, I was a bit self conscious about the gap in between my teeth. I had not seen too many people with a gap at this point and I thought something was wrong with me. Looking back, I just didn't really ask anyone about it. I kept it to myself and just dealt with it. Then whe…