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Delivering Music

Musicians are all over the world. They play instruments, sing, and so many other things. The magic in all of this is that its all a process that just comes together on stage and seems so easy. I am here to tell you that it is certainly not, but it can be worked on diligently to make it seem so. I am fascinated by what it takes to perform on stage, yet I do it like I am lifting a toothbrush up to my mouth most nights. This not to say that it is not a struggle at times or that I am some sort of master, I have just done it so many times.

   This posting was inspired by a great friend of mine named Jeri Silverman. She and I have known each other for quite some time and I fully support her journey. She is most definitely a talented artist who is relentlessly pursuing her dreams and I respect it. I watched her closely a few nights ago as she played with her band at a local club. I was playing closer attention than usual on this particular night. I wanted to give her my honest opinion fro…