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Thank you Kim Kalesti

Every once in a while, I highlight someone on my blog that inspires me that is also a close personal friend. I talk about people close to me quite frequently, however, I only use their names when I want you to support them or they have done or said something that is beyond moving to me and many times to others as well. In this case, I have to take this opportunity to explain an evening that I experienced this week.

   My good friend named Kim Kalesti had a small book reading in the city. I would say about 15 people showed up and supported her. The room was small, so the amount of people that showed up was perfect. The room had such an air of care and love racing through it. Kim greeted each and every person as thought they had just won a significant prize just for coming. Her two children made an appearance too. They are both wildly talented in so many ways. Outside of them, I must have met at least 10 other people in the first 15 minutes.

   There was also a host for the evening. …

Those Who Raise Us Higher

I am not sure that I have ever actually wrote down what it means to me when others stimulate me to be a better human being. These are the people that just show up as they are and make you feel like you need to do better on your path. They just spread light in a way that they are not even aware of each an every time that they are around you. I see them as spiritual growth catalysts. These people are doing things that make the earth move a certain way. They are what makes us proud to be in their space no matter when it is. I am so very moved by them and I cannot say enough about them .

  Today I spoke to a friend of mine who is singlehandedly responsible for bringing at least 15 to 25 of this caliber of person into my life over a ten year period. Things like this just happen gradually, and before you know it, you are surrounded by greatness and it feels so good. Now of course, what I see in these people directly connects with what I see in myself, or it would not affect me in such a p…