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Listening, The Give And Take Sport

We all have conversations with people that we care about quite frequently. I have to say though, there are times when we are not authentically listening. We have all done it at least a few times in our lives. That moment when you are on the phone with a person that just becomes spew central. What am I exactly referring to here? Well, plainly put, it's when we do not give the person on the other end of the call all of our attention. Its when we feel that we are getting verbally trampeled on. It can be dealt with in so many ways, but for the sake of this posting, I will just go with just having more patience with them. At some point in that call, you will get to speak and then you can either give your opinion or just be the golden ear that you were called on to be.

   With social media being what it is, if you have the luxury of speaking with your dearest friends consistently, you are fortunate. It seems that we find out so many things online that interaction is actually an aftert…

Flight / Standing Your Ground / Solid Love

I traveled over this past weekend. While i was in the plane, I was once again fascinated by how this huge piece of steel and computers and so forth just controls the air around it and takes off several thousands of times per day. The people inside are going to different places to see different people and in between time they are all taking care of their business dealings, watching movies, tending to their children, sleeping, and some are even loathing the entire experience. As for me, I love to travel more than I can explain with the finest of words.

   During my flight I became consumed with the process of how people board and how they leave the plane. Of course it was yet another reminder that whatever we do affects others too. There was a woman who held up the entire line because her bags were actually behind her a few rows. There was another man who had trouble getting his luggage out of the overhead compartment, so he set the line back about 30 seconds. Then I thought to mysel…