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John The Thrift Shop Man Pt.2

To continue from yesterday, I realized that I did not have my bag. This bag was a messenger bag. Inside of it was my two day timers, A large ring of important keys, 85 dollars in cash, a card case, and a book by Thich Nhat Hanh.I remembered also that each day timer has my info in it as well as a little fun statement about the karma that comes from giving things back when you find them.

      Just to be clear, I actually did not need anything that was in the bag for me gig. I closed my eyes and spoke softly to myself that this bag will be found. Just knowing that made me feel so much better. I did arrive safely at my gig and I let it rest until the morning.

      So here it is. I retraced my steps and all roads pointed to this clothing store that I was in. All of a sudden, I got clarity and I was certain in my gut that it would be there. Just to be sure, I called two places that I had gone in. They both did not pick up. One was closed until 11, the other was just about to open. …

John The Thrift Store Man / Pt. 1

I don't write much about my spending money on clothes. This is probably because I have more clothing than any red blooded make should ever have. Over the years with the help of my father, I have amassed quite the collection of suits, shoes, cuff links and so on and so forth. There is something about going into a store that may seem as though it was filled with junk, and come out with a diamond.

     Some of my most treasured clothing was found at stores that most men would never step foot in. Many of them are very high end quality and you would never question if it had been purchased at a normal retail store or not. I like clothing that is strong enough to outlast me and still look good. My love for French cuffs, nice buttons on jackets and pants, and if course shoes is unstoppable.

      Now a couple of days ago, I had ventured off into a thrift shop that is in my neighborhood, so to speak. I had been there a few times and just browsed with no intention of buying anything. …

The Solid Friend

We all have at least one. That person who is standing for you no matter what. He or she lets you know by their actions and they never stop being the rock that they are. Then on top of that all, they even tell you how much they believe in you and are completely there for you. None of us are perfect, so they even keep showing up when times get a little rough and rugged. So why don't we have more people like this around us? My personal perspective is that we should work on being the solid friend before we expect to have one that is solid.

     I have a friend who in my opinion is as solid as can be. We speak about many topics and we stretch them out and push them in many directions. If they feel as though they need to speak of something that is a little bit low energy or maybe not nice about someone, there is always a few words to preface it which softens the blow. Lastly, they always speak graciously in general about how incredible our friendship is. All of these things make me…

The Magic In Conflict

This has been a truly challenging summer. I did not write over the summer because my soul told me to deal with all that came to me without judging or trying to over dissect it. Had I written about it, I feel as though it may had swallowed me whole and made me a little bit heavy.So here I am, back on track, and full of stories that I hope reach you in the most profound ways.

     I believe that with each and every conflict, a piece of wisdom accompanies it. There is a person that I know, who will remain nameless, that has a conflict right now. My gut deep down tells me that this person has such a strong story as to why this conflict exists, that they are not going to be rid of this sensation until they do. As I watch from the sidelines, I realize that I was exactly where they were quite a few years ago. My mind would not let me understand why I was in this predicament. Then later on, I realized that I was the captain of that ship the entire time.

     There are some unhealthy amou…