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Double Vulnerability Pow Wow

Today was a powerful day. I had to conversations with two people that I love and respect. These two people are on the brink of changing their lives for the better.  They both feel as though they are playing too small and too safe. They both have ever so graciously asked me to hold them accountable as they begin their journey to a higher ground.

    Now outside of this being tremendously humbling, there are teachable moments everywhere in this equation. I have the gift of transferring much of my artistic experience over to a woman who just wants to release all of her creative energy into a one woman show. She is vibrant, good looking, talented, and so very driven. The only issue is that he inner voice has been sabotaging her for years. She admitted it to me and I told her that this is more than common.

     So after the tears were shed, unexpectedly, I gave her a hug and in an instant she took it as if I was reading the tears as a negative thing. I was in fact just comforting her b…

I See You Queen

She shows up each and every time like the queen of the world. I mean I don't think that she really wants to be the queen, she just wants to be regarded as such. Boy is she a head turner. I watch men stare at her whenever I see her. To be fair, she is quite attractive. Her figure moves in tandem with the aura that supports it. The down side is that I don't believe that she feels beautiful at all.

  We speak cordially each and every time, except for that one time, but now it's water under the bridge, for me anyway. I feel her urge to want control of the room as much as she humanly possibly can. That means control of the men and women. If she could, I believe she would control who took a breath and when. That sounds as controlling as you think it is. I do believe that it's true though, just for the record.

   Is this a negative posting? Not at all. It's merely an honest one where I get to vent without actually outwardly showing it. The silent treatment can be so per…

Names Remembered

I am completely fascinated with remembering names. I have found that this simple gesture creates such harmony with others as well as a lightness that never goes away. The more names you don't forget, the more comfort you will find in the world. I seem to remember hearing someone tell me at a very early age, that the sound of our own name is one of the most soothing sounds we can ever hear. I agree triple fold.

   So there is a place that I love to go to that serves Trinidadian food. More specifically, they serve a delicacy called "doubles". I have become crazy about them in a short time. The flavor is sweet, yet they have a little bite or tingle to them as well. Their menu board is full of many other things as well, however, I have not made my way to all of them as of yet. I also love the sorrel that they serve. I was confused to see that there, because I was of the mind that sorrel was Jamaican. I obviously have done research to do.

   Each time that I have been in t…

Recognizing The Funk / Another Mistake Another Lesson

Well, I will not harp on this, however, what comes to mind when you hear the word "funk"? Is it James Brown? A person sitting next to you on the train that seemed to have lost their way to the bathroom that day? Maybe it makes you think of a certain reference works group that is very popular? Maybe it takes you straight to Prince or Bootsy Collins? Well, those did not make the cut this time. I am referring to when you or I are operating at a lower level than usual. When it happens, do you truthfully recognize it and do something about it?

   Think about that last paragraph in your own time and answer yourself truthfully. You will get wine great information for sure. When our vibration changes around ourselves, it is evident each and every time. I mean let's face it, who knows us better than ourselves. I also feel that there is a redeeming quality that grows out of the funk. I believe that it cleanses you and allows you to do better the next time. When something drags …